HEMI HOSSAIN - The Digital Entrepreneur

Best Business Award, 2018
Young Entrepreneur of Year, 2017

The man who is working with Professionals and transforming their life as a Digital Entrepreneur

Hemi Hossain, the man who has built an entire domain as a Business Coach and Digital Entrepreneur. Hemi is an international speaker, author, inventor and winner of Best Business Award in Melbourne, 2018 and featured in many national and international media around the globe.

Hemi is the Managing Director of a successful Digital marketing company with a strong interest in advertising, media, tech and different projects all around the globe. Hemi is an internationally acclaimed speaker who has spoken at some of the most exclusive venues.

Hemi came from Technology background and has extensive experience working in different corporate industries, supporting large-scale cultural change initiatives and leadership development programs. Hemi worked in the top leadership role in the Finance and Telecom in Australia.

In 2009, Hemi Hossain started life coaching and prepared himself as a ‘Neuro Linguistics Programming’ (NLP) Practitioner, certified ‘Human Behaviour Consultant’ and Hypnosis coach to make some changes in social and community life. He is an avid believer in driving change and has a deep appreciation and awareness of what it takes to engage and support people through transformation. This is where he decided to make an impact and leave his job to become a successful entrepreneur.

Hemi has inspired the lives of over 1 million in 4 different countries, from over 10o industries on and offline through his mentoring and coaching.



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