With so many people attempting to become digital entrepreneurs, you might consider quitting your job and becoming one too. You should be aware before taking the plunge that all entrepreneurs are not digital entrepreneurs.  Many think that people who sales product on digital media or works on the digital platform are digital entrepreneurs. There is a difference, however, between an entrepreneur using the digital platform for the business and a digital entrepreneur.  For this post, we will consider any entrepreneur as a digital entrepreneur who uses websites, videos, blogs, and other digital content to promote their brands.


Entrepreneurs Fail: Why?

Before we go into the details of how to become a digital entrepreneur, we will look into some figures about entrepreneurs and why they fail. Are you planning to venture into the world of entrepreneurship? You need to be aware of a few statistics. According to a study Statistic Brain, within five years, 50 per cent of the startups fail while in the first 10 years, 70 per cent fail.

The study further revealed that the reason entrepreneurs fail even digital entrepreneurs are for the following reasons:

  • Not focussed
  • Lacks passion, motivation and commitment
  • Fails to find the right mentor
  • Seeks advice from the wrong people
  • Does not have enough domain-specific knowledge


Now, that you have become aware of the 5 primary reasons that an entrepreneur fails, you try and avoid them. While working on them, you should also consider other elements that can help you in establishing yourself as a digital entrepreneur.


How To Become A Digital Entrepreneur?

You can become a digital entrepreneur, by making software programs, creating other digital products, by promoting your products digitally, or even by writing an e-book but for all of them to be successful you need to develop few digital strategies. we are conducting a program to become a Digital Entrepreneur in 180 Days.


The Store Front: Unlike a physical store, you need to create an online store that will replace the brick and mortar. As a digital entrepreneur, your virtual store is your asset, so you need to rethink about your storefront.  You need to create a landing page that will replace the real-door of the shop, and the web assets replace the handshake and the smile. 

You need to plan the way you intend to represent yourself, your product and brand on the website. The strategies need to be in place as to how you are going to establish your credibility and win customers trust online. 


Create The Environment: Create an environment around your product that places the users first, a positive UX. This will include the website’s technical design, along with incorporating functions that will be user-friendly. An essential feature of putting the customer’s experience of utmost importance is to ensure the website functions properly on both mobile devices and desktops. Also, all the payment systems work and the navigation of the page is easy.


Encourage Interaction: You do not have real-world materials to communicate with your customers. Hence you have to create and think of ways to encourage interaction. Apart from creating a positive and friendly interface, use contact forms and other ways to encourage interactions. Often successful online entrepreneurs use social media, blogs, and vlogs to connect with the customers. It is a way to establish a world of discussion with the clients. The exchange of ideas with clients will give you an insight into what their requirements are and what they think of your product and services.


Work to Increase Your ROI:  When you are working for your online business always be conscious about your ROI (return on investment). Ensure that you invest in features and elements that will bring profit to your business. When you set up, a social media paid campaign ad, pay-per-click ads, podcasts, videos or such services, look into the cost that you bear for creating such assets and how much you generate from that. This will give your ROI and always work towards bettering your ROI.


Branding:  As digital entrepreneurs, you have to be everywhere, and that is part of branding your service. Be on all the social media websites, create contents and complete for your online presence. The more places you are found in you increase your chances of reaching to your target audience.


Do Not Be Shy: You do not have the option of real-store where people can see you while passing. So do not be shy to ask your customers to share your brand, and promote you on social media. All successful entrepreneurs come up with unique ideas to engage their customers in promoting their brands.

Also, ask them to share their feedback and testimonials. In the digital platform, testimonials have the power to create your brand and your presence.


To know more about how to become a digital entrepreneur and to get the right mentor and connect with us at Grow With Hemi. Hemi Hossain and his team have helped many to become successful digital entrepreneurs.

  • Find the Professional In You

Social media marketing is the most growing and booming industry. As per the pundits of the trade, there 38% more demand certified professionals in digital and social media marketing jobs. So if you want to get the skill set that is demanded by the companies who will be hiring or have already started to utilize the professionals with social media marketing experience, enroll yourself in a social media marketing training courses. You will get the required skills and expertise to secure the job and become a professional.

  • Broaden Your Career Choices

Many organizations are now offering different digital marketing and social media marketing jobs and career profiles. Even enterprises like Twitter, Facebook, Google, etc., are offering a wide variety of jobs in social media marketing. If you have the required skill sets that you can easily get by enrolling in a social media marketing training, you can be choosy to apply for jobs that align with your expertise.

  • Higher Salary

One of the alluring aspects of social media marketing training course is that on completion, you get a job, with a higher salary than those without the training. A certificate in social media marketing will ensure that you have better skills in managing and marketing any product on social media sites and other digital platforms. If you have the experience and the certificate, then you are in the position to negotiate your salary for a better package than those without the training.

  • Start Your Career

With social media marketing training, you can start your career with basic qualification. Unlike most professional, certificate and diploma courses in for undergraduate level, the pre-requisites are quite a lot. However, with social media marketing courses, you can start your career anytime and that also without leaving your home. There are several courses and tests that you can apply for and appear to become a qualified social media marketing professional and start your career.

  • Enjoy The Flexibility

The flexibility to work from home and at any time in social media marketing is quite an added advantage for people who face problem leaving home for work. All you need is an Internet connection, and an online social media marketing training course to show you the ropes of the trade. Once you have the skills, you can start the work as a freelancer or start your own business and enjoy the benefits of the training.

  • Deployment of Skills

With social media marketing skills being used by all business types, be it small, medium or large, you can easily use your skills from one company to the other. Mainly if you are a freelancer in social media marketing professional, you can use the knowledge that you have learned at the social media marketing training at any of the works you do in social media marketing for any company.  All you need is to be a bit creative.

  • Show Your Creativity

The aim of social media marketing is to create the buzz, and hype about a product, dormant blog, service, and website. To do that you require creativity and logic. The ability to write concise content in a few words, make a strategy and creative that will grab the attention of the audience is vital. Social media marketing training will train you to think outside the box.

So with social media marketing as a career start exploring the job opportunities offered by social media marketing training courses. Be prepared and be the one to grab the opportunity that social media marketing is offering.


Hemi Hossain worked in the top leadership role in the technology domain during his 17 years of career. Hemi has now built an entire domain as a Digital Entrepreneur.

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