Business Mentoring and Coaching

Business Mentoring and Coaching

Are you struggling with your business and not sure what to do and how to progress?

digital stratgey development

Business Mentoring and Coaching

  • This is a very customised program for you. I will assess your individual needs and come up with a 1-year plan to take your business to the next level.
  • I will also develop a digital strategy roadmap for your business to grow.
  • I am in here to support you and will develop your team as well so that they can align with your vision.

I Will teach you The Fastest Way to Grow Your Business And Move to a Digital Entrepreneur

What is the Program

  • This is a customised 6 months -1 year structured. Program.
  • The program will start from you and will go up to your team.
  • I will also develop a clear digital road map for your business.
  • The program will help you to develop your network with many experts and investors around the world.
  • It will also create the investment opportunity.

Is this For Me?

  • YES, If you are looking to be a Digital Entrepreneur
  • If you want to grow your business.
  • If you are looking to meet with like-minded Entrepreneurs.
  • If you are looking for 1:1 support


  • 1:1 Assessment to understand the current situation
  • Clear plan for next 6 month-1 year
  • Clear Digital roadmap for the company
  • Monthly catch up
  • Team training
  • Online platform review and recommendations

Not Sure Where To Start?

I am happy to set  with you for 60 mins and we both can work together let’s catch up for 60 mins Set up consultation(Integrate with. My calendarly) **Currently not available in Bangladesh**


What This Book Will Show You

  • Learn the 7 Essential Steps to Transform from Employee to Digital Entrepreneur. You will get the knowledge on how to build your success, the benefit of having a coach, Proximity Principle and much more ton how to become a successful entrepreneur
  • My 9P Formula To help You Transition From Employee To Entrepreneur (Fast!)
  • The One Secret Top 1% Digital entrepreneur Use to Create A Predictable Business, Which Create Unlimited Qualified Leads For Any Business
  • Our Simple But Effective Process For Reaching $10K Per Month Revenue In Just 120 Days
  • You will learn to develop the Positive Mindset that you need to have for becoming an entrepreneur
  • The questions and exercises will help you to become an entrepreneur
  • You will learn how to use pain as an influence to achieve your goals and success
  • Learn why Digital Entrepreneurship is the future for any entrepreneur. Also, how can you take steps to transform your entrepreneurial journey to a Digital Entrepreneur
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