Business Mentoring and Consulting

As a business coach and entrepreneur Hemi Hossain, knows the challenges that you can face in developing and building your business. It is always beneficial if there is someone to guide you. Grow With Hemi provides you with that option. We help you to develop a business model and strategy that can help you to tap your clients and reach your potential. We help you in creating a brand and teach you the skill while brainstorming with you the solutions for the challenges that you face.

Grow With Hemi ensures that you can use the techniques that we teach, you can use those for developing  business and build your customers’ trust.

What Do We Do?

We offer both individuals and organisations the strategy and skills to make their mark in the digital market. For individuals and organisations, we help them in developing a blueprint that can help them in achieving their goals in the digital market while sustaining it too for the future. We can help them by offering Digital Development Strategy.

How Do We Do It?

1-on-1 Digital Entrepreneurial and business coaching
Understanding the vision and mission of the business and develop a clear and concise strategy that aligns with the business.
Create a future digital road-map for the business
Train and coach executives on digital marketing, tools and techniques so the business can continue to flourish
Provide the business with the tools and methods for implementing the strategy to boost the business in the digital market.

Meet The Lead Designer

The international life Coach, the business Mentor and a Successful Digital Entrepreneur.


Best Business Award, 2018.

Young Entrepreneur of Year, 2017

Hemi Hossain worked in the top leadership role in the technology domain during his 17 years of career. Hemi has now built an entire domain as a Digital Entrepreneur. Hemi is a professional global coach, author, inventor and winner of Best Business Award by Small Business Award in Victoria. Featured in many national and international media around the globe. Hemi is an internationally acclaimed speaker.

Awards and Recognitions

Best Business Award in 2018, by Small Business Victoria

Best Young Entrepreneur 2017, by OrthaKantha Bangladesh

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