Become Fully Certified In Digital Marketing By Mastering Social Media - Such As LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, SEO, Google Adwords, and Messanger Bot

Proven steps to Creating , Growing and Transitioning into


You will get Non-Accredited Certification From Melbourne Metropolitan College (MMC), a Registered Training Organisation(RTO).

Digital Entrepreneur Program

Hemi Hossain Is One Of The Leading Entrepreneur And Success Coach For Digital Entrepreneurs!

[Best Business Award In Melbourne, 2018]
[Young Entrepreneur Of Year In Bangladesh, 2017]

Grow on your journey to Digital Entrepreneurship with leading success coach.

Hemi Hossain implemented these proven strategies step by step and developed multiple successful businesses. It’s time for you to learn from these proven steps. He will  Show You The Step By Step Process To Become A Digital Entrepreneurs So That You Can Leave Your Job In The Next 120 Days.



What you will get:

  • 1 on 1 Assessment.
  • 2 days Intensive Business Mastery workshop.
  • 9P Strategies to become a Digital Entrepreneur.
  • 2 Group Coaching calls.
  • 4 Months of Exclusive, Practical Digital Marketing Training.
  • 1 Exclusive World Class Marketing Workshop with Hemi Hossain.
  • 1 Day Sales and Leadership Workshop with Hemi Hossain.
  • Hands on Training to become Freelancer/Entrepreneur.
  • Opportunity to connect with the Global Employers to get Digital work Opportunity to work with us.


Create a million dollar mindset, clear vision, and structured plan


Create numerous streams of income for your venture


Here you will know your skills and expertise


Enhance exclusively personal as well as business performance


Dominate with world-class marketing strategies.


Grow an Empire and set a trend for a more digital platform


Consistently create and take control for a massive change


Gain the technical skills to be a digital entrepreneur


Add value to your clients and create a team



What we will Teach in
Four Months Practical Training

SEO Google Adwords
Content Writing Social Media
Email Marketing Content Creation
Display Retargeting Automated Sales Funnel
Text Funnel Integration Messenger Bot

Who is this Program for?


  • Looking to quit their job and replace their income
  • Want to be a digital entrepreneur/marketer
  • Want to learn the world-class marketing that the top coaches & consultants are using
  • Work as a freelancer
  • Looking for financial freedom
  • Looking for time freedom
  • Want to work in a Digital Agency
  • Looking to quit their job and replace their income



Digital Entrepreneur


Best Business Award, 2018.
Young Entrepreneur of Year, 2017

Hemi Hossain is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, business strategist, and a certified digital entrepreneur and life coach with extensive and robust knowledge about the industry. Hemi Hossain worked in the top leadership role in the technology domain during his 17 years of career. Hemi has over the years received multiple awards for his work as a coach and entrepreneur. Being a South-Asian immigrant from Bangladesh who struggled to make his own position in Australia and ultimately nailed success with multiple businesses, he is ready to share his knowledge, experience, insights and business techniques with you.

Awards and Recognitions


Best Young Entrepreneur 2017, by OrthaKantha Bangladesh


Rezoana Nahid

Hemi Thank you for caring And inspiring us (the GWH family) like you do.You are the best mentor ever.You have inspired and helped so many people and touched so many lives. Our success is a direct result of your work, dedication and guidance. Thanks for mentoring us and showing us the right path

Brooke Earle

Today I was invited by Hemi, from Grow with Hemi, to talk at a summit he ran on Employee to Digital Entrepreneur. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this morning’s session Hemi. It was totally uplifting; inspiring & I loved every minute of sharing my journey.

Jennifer Abedin

The thing about Hemi that attracted me is focusing on values and discipline on the top of everything. To me, he is more specific and accurate and on point to the need. My purpose is to join this session to know and find myself. I have lost myself. I am believing that I choose the right one.

Client Feedback

What Others are Saying

Paul Lawson

The benefits I received from Hemi’s coaching in personal and business are immeasurable. The techniques he introduced to me to run a successful Digital Entrepreneur business and how to deal with any issues I encountered are immensely useful.

Gina Bianchi

Hemi listens to you carefully and then gives you the tools that you would need to be successful in your journey to be an Digital Eentrepreneur. I have learned a lot as a would-be a Digital Entrepreneur from Hemi Hossain.

Ming Wang

I have been an entrepreneur for five years but was not succeeding. Getting Hemi as my business coach changed it all, his approach is different. He takes all the goals of my life into account and then helps me to become a Digital Entrepreneur.


I spoke with a few people whose lives were changed by Hemi. His coaching style and analysing skills played a strong role in my professional and personal growth and Digital Entrepreneur journey. I definetely recommended him without any Reservation.

Priscilla Jones

Hemi Hossain is an immensely talented, natural coach who focuses on finding a career as an Digital Entrepreneur that capitalized on my strengths and passion.

K. L. Swamy

By joining Hemi’s workshop and then training program I was able to gain experience in digital marketing and exposure as to how to become a Digital Entrepreneur.


Who is a Digital Entrepreneur?

Digital entrepreneurs are entrepreneurs focused exclusively on digital platforms, and digital platforms are combined of various social channels, e-commerce and more that are used to delineate companies that create digital products and services that are marketed, delivered, and supported completely online.


What does a Digital Entrepreneur need to succeed?

Digital entrepreneurs are focusing on digital products and services that are marketed, delivered, and supported absolutely online. There are 6 factors of the cutting-edge advertising internet site that all Digital Entrepreneurs need to be wondering about and implementing in a clever way.
Really, all Digital Entrepreneurs wishes a website that accommodates these six elements.

    1. Email (registration, not opt-in)
    2. Excellent content and User friendly responsive design
    3. The get right of entry to experience
    4. Online publications as lead magnets
    5. Testing of everything
    6. Proper Marketing Strategy

You’re hostilities with one hand tied behind your returned if you are no longer which includes all 6 elements as phase of an adaptive ride that you supply to your audience, your prospects, and your customers.


Why Invest In A Digital Entrepreneur Coach?

But why have a digital entrepreneur coach as a guide instead of just a business coach?

Well, there are several factors that a digital entrepreneur coach is better is in providing executive coaching to you so that you can have clear goals, gain self-awareness, unlock your and your team’s full potential and gain self-awareness. These coaches are also good sounding boards for your ideas and innovations. Having robust experiences as successful entrepreneurs who have been able to utilize the digital platform to gain effective results from their marketing strategies, a digital entrepreneur coach can be a pillar for your entrepreneurial success.


Why Entrepreneurs Need to Have Good Communication Skills?

Often we take communication skill for granted because we can talk and always assume that whatever we are telling people to understand that. But the reality is not always that and it is a skill that needs to be developed and worked on to progress and succeed in your career.

In one of the previous articles, we have discussed the role that entrepreneur coaches play in your life if you intend to become an entrepreneur. In the article Digital Entrepreneur Coach 5 Benefits we discussed how they help you to target your audience. Part of that targeting is developing and learning about what is communication skill.


How to Become a Digital Entrepreneur

Whether you choose to make use of digital content material to market your manufacturer or to create digital media to sell, you can take some of the principles of these digital media experts and apply them to your own business. Just have in mind that there is no genuine approach to success. The key to success is to create your own business from your special thoughts and use the ideas and tools that work first-rate for you.

To get commenced developing a digital content business, hold these steps in mind.

    1. Consider your special skills and skills and determine how you can use these to create digital media that others will like.
    2. Take note of your tools and sources that you have at your disposal and suppose about how you can use these tools to create digital media that will sell.
    3. Think from the audience’s perspective. What information, value, or answer can you offer thru the digital media that you create.
    4. Consider cost, Make positive you have the finances to purchase the software program you want to start your very own digital media business.


What are the Habits of Successful Digital Entrepreneurs?

So what are the practices and habits of a successful digital entrepreneur.

    1. Digital Entrepreneurs have a flexibility mindset
    2. Digital Entrepreneurs are not afraid of failure
    3. Develop Digital Hustle
    4. Build Business Agility
    5. Understand the importance of digital assets
    6. Think global and Efficiently
    7. Give away their ideas for free
    8. Embrace digital marketing
    9. Use the smartest and Patient profit mindset.
    10. Digital Entrepreneurs are not afraid of co-opetition
    11. Digital Entrepreneurs are always adopting new tools and Technology
    12. Welcome the velocity of change and continuous learning