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Yes, it’s possible! This amazon best-selling book gives you 7 Essential Steps you need to Transition from being an Employee to a Digital Entrepreneur and comes with multiple questions and exercises that will guide you through the step-by-step transition on how to quit your job, become an entrepreneur and be your own boss. This is definitely one of the best books to read in 2020 to take control! Do not miss out! Read it today to be successful!

In the book, I have used a unique tested formula to help you with the transition. My 9Ps Business Strategy formula will help you to develop the right growth mindset to become not only a digital entrepreneur but also an effective way to reach $10K in revenue per month. ‘Fire Your Boss’ one of the top books will also reveals you the secrets and hacks used by the top 1% Digital Entrepreneurs to create a predictable business.
Grab a copy of the book today and develop the Positive Mindset to attract your wealth.

Amazon Best Seller

Hemi Hossain

Global Mentor, Life coach, Investor, Digital Entrepreneur, Best-selling Author, Best Business Awardee by Small Business Award in Victoria, 2018. Young Entrepreneur of the year, 2017, Bangladesh

Book Launch – Dhaka

On 25 January 2020, in Dhaka, Bangladesh at Six Sense Hotel,  Hemi Hossain launched his debut book Fire Your Boss: Transform from Employee to Entrepreneur. The book is currently Amazon Best Seller.

At the launch, Hemi Hossain state that with the book he intends to help the young people of Bangladesh to become digital entrepreneurs. He wishes that with the help of these entrepreneurs, Bangladesh will surge ahead in future.

The book launch event was graced by many eminent people like Sonia Bashir Kabir the founder of SBK Tech Ventures, Prof. Dr Abdul Hannan Chowdhury – Vice Chancellor of Primeasia University, Prof. Shams Rahman of RMIT University, Australia, Entrepreneur and founder Iqbal Bahar of ‘Nijer Bolar Moto Ekti Golpo’ and many other entrepreneurs and distinguished people attended the event.

All the guests expressed their hope that with this book and Hemi’s vision Bangladesh and the young generation will get inspired to achieve something extraordinary. Instead of becoming employees, they will become employers while helping the country to progress.

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The transition from an Employee to Entrepreneur by Hemi Hossain

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