I can be anywhere Dhaka, Sydney, Delhi or London, sitting on the couch of my hotel. I fell content that the website audience is looking great; the digital marketing sales funnel is working, scheduled email is on its way and just shared a Tweet and Facebook update post.

This is the digital business, and I welcome you to the world of Digital Marketing.

The traditional business, as we know, is rapidly changing and losing its grounds. The concept of a traditional shop and the way we buy our commodities are changing. It is not only the e-commerce that has changed even the way we book our transportation have changed — for example, Uber and Pathao. No longer I am willing to spend at a movie theatre, rather watch Netflix from the comfort of my home.

The digital world has changed the traditional habits of consumers as we knew before. We love Chaldal (a grocery eCommerce in Bangladesh) for our grocery rather than walking in the busy aisle of the market. 

We should feel fortunate that it’s happening right now, and it’s just the beginning. A beginning that is going to revolutionise the way we conduct our lives.

Why Become A Digital Entrepreneur?

Millennials don’t stop at a single job for long; they do not like the concept of becoming stagnant. They move from job to job because they want to gain experience, add something ‘new’ to their resume, that’s what they love to do. They understand the importance of passion. Without passion for work, it’s hard to concentrate, so they always find something that fits with their passion. As millennials, we always search for ways to find work that provides sufficient for our living and also fits our interests, fuels our passion and lifestyle.

We can see a lot of successful people around us, who have been able to achieve what they have desired by following their passion. These people have decided to do something unique, not walk the conventional path, not work under someone, but be their own boss. Working for someone is a passé for them; rather, their success theory is work for yourself. Like these people, we too can dream of creating the next Pathao, Uber, AirBnB or Chaldal. It’s not just about making money anymore. It’s all about doing what we love and follow our passion. We intend to combine passion with our profession and that too, with the help of digital marketing.

This digital era has created a lot of opportunities for us. It is easier than ever to create and build an audience and grow a business. To succeed in this field, we need to understand its ecosystem and learn how to evolve with it. Without adopting this trend and following the footsteps of the successors, your next “big” concept might just be a redundant idea. To become a successful digital entrepreneur, we need to inculcate a few habits that successful digital entrepreneurs have.

So let’s have a look at 7 Inspiring Habits of a Successful Digital Entrepreneur:

  • Flexibility of mindset

“The difficulty lies not so much in developing new ideas as in escaping from old ones,” -John Maynard Keynes. Yes, it’s true, and we have to be free from all old habits. If something is not working, stop doing it again and again, rather innovate something new, or change your tactic.

  • Not afraid of failure

Our mindset often associates failure as a negative word, but for a digital entrepreneur, you have to consider failure as a badge of honour. You will be astonished to hear the number of failures successful businesses and entrepreneurs faced. To succeed, they have changed their business and business models. So don’t be afraid of failure, just remember to learn from them to do better the next time.

  • Build business agility

Large & traditional organisations are like big ships; they need a lot of time to take a turn. For a small business as a digital entrepreneur, you have the ability to change an idea fast. For example, if something is not working, like a Facebook ad is not providing the expected leads or landing page is broken, change it ASAP. A successful Digital Entrepreneur always welcomes change.

  • Adopt new tools

Always find new tools before your competitors get them and use them. New tools are coming into the market on a regular basis. Use them wisely for automation, segmentation and lead generation.

  • Develop digital hustle

If you think you will build a business and consumers will come or it will work, then you have mistaken. You have to be smart enough to bring audiences and work on your business and tactics to promote it. But you need to be smart about it, as a successful Digital Entrepreneur; you have to learn the ways to grow a business with a small marketing budget.

  • Importance of digital assets

In the old business concept, factory, office, showrooms are considered as the asset of a company. Nowadays, it has changed. No longer a business is defined by its physical assets. It is the knowledge of economics, web traffic, emails and leads, which are the true assets for a digital entrepreneur.

  • Ideas for free

Previously, sharing a business model to someone was considered dangerous for the business. Digital Entrepreneur rejects this idea and often shares it at different platforms, with other people. It creates a sense of credibility and trust in the business. The entrepreneur also gets constructive criticism from different domains that help them develop their businesses further.

To learn about ways to incucate these successful habits as digital entrepreneur contact HEMI. HEMI dreams of creating an ecosystem where digital entrepreneurs will flourish and become successful. He is a successful life coach, author, digital entrepreneur, and winner of several awards. HEMI is more than happy to share his success stories and guide you towards your success. Your journey of a successful Digital Entrepreneur starts here.


Hemi Hossain worked in the top leadership role in the technology domain during his 17 years of career. Hemi has now built an entire domain as a Digital Entrepreneur.

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