Learning and Development Strategy and Execution

Our Focus Areas

As part of our training and development strategy for digital entrepreneurs as well as organisations that seek our help with their digital marketing strategy, we focus primarily on the following areas:

1. Leadership with Influence

In leadership, the ability to influence is an essential skill. Like any other skills, it needs to be learned and honed. Leadership with influence can impact and change attitudes, behaviour, choices and opinions of others. It is not about manipulating others or having power or control, rather the ability to notice what motivates the consumers and employees. Using this knowledge to leverage positive results and performance.

2. Leadership with Communication

In any field leaders, having communication skills is crucial. It allows an organisation to run effectively when a leader can communicate clearly to his team, stakeholders with efficiency. A leader needs to have the capacity to communicate the goals and the vision of the business and what is expected from them to make the business a success.

3. Digital marketing

The traditional marketing system is becoming a passé. Google and Facebook are generating more revenue than all the print ads. Digital Marketing is the method to advertise a product, service, organisation through different digital channels like social media, mobile and web applications, websites, search engines, and any other such digital platforms. We train entrepreneurs and organisations on how to utilise this medium to improve consumer traffic and create a digital footprint in the market.

4. Customer-centric mindset

A business or an entrepreneur can succeed if the customers are satisfied with the service or products they are being offered. We offer you training in developing a customer-centric mindset. In this, you will learn ways to put customers at the centre of your business that offers positive customer experience both before and after the sale. This will drive repeat business, improve business growth and customer loyalty.

Meet The Founder

The international life Coach, the business Mentor and a Successful Digital Entrepreneur.


Best Business Award, 2018.

Young Entrepreneur of Year, 2017

Hemi Hossain worked in the top leadership role in the technology domain during his 17 years of career. Hemi has now built an entire domain as a Digital Entrepreneur. Hemi is a professional global coach, author, inventor and winner of Best Business Award by Small Business Award in Victoria. Featured in many national and international media around the globe. Hemi is an internationally acclaimed speaker.

Awards and Recognitions

Best Business Award in 2018, by Small Business Victoria

Best Young Entrepreneur 2017, by OrthaKantha Bangladesh

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