Real Success Stories From Grow With Hemi Trainees

We’ve grown from a handful of students in 2016 to over 2000 students globally. This growth has only been possible because of the success our students have enjoyed.

As we grow, we continue to listen to their stories so we can learn how to make our programs even more powerful.

I enjoyed the talk from both Hemi and John Di Natale, I learned a bit about how to leverage your investments to get results. On Hemi’s side of the business, just getting up to do stuff you know.


Today I was invited by Hemi, from Grow with Hemi, to talk at a summit he ran on ‘Employee to Entrepreneur.’ I always saw the potential in Hemi throughout his career in Telstra & I’ve loved watching him build multiple


What’s everyone doing on their Saturday morning. I don’t want to be the 90% that aren’t doing anything. It’s raining and cold but I’ve jumped out of bed and went to learn more from my mentor and coach. Today he has taken me



It was a really inspirational event, it has challenged me, because I’m a bit younger and I still have a bit to learn and what I learned is that business has a foundation and it takes some time to


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