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Grow With Hemi Coaching and Consulting services will help you and your business achieve its maximum potential through digital marketing strategies personalised for your growth. Grow With Hemi can help you to become a trained professional in digital marketing, entrepreneurship and digital entrepreneurship.

Hemi Hossain and his leadership team at Grow With Hemi has vast and experienced knowledge in the field of Digital Marketing in Australia and several South Asian Countries. The services are designed for people who intend to learn more about succeeding in the digital marketplace and having a career in it. Grow With Hemi Coaching and Consulting is offering multiple services within the Digital Marketing Platform that can boost your career or take your organisation to the next level with our expert advice and guidance.

Our Aim

Grow With Hemi’s endeavour is to help individuals to become Digital Entrepreneurs with the programs we offer.  The programs are created to help individuals to develop their skills that will align with their entrepreneurial ventures.

Grow With Hemi also helps entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and prepare them for the future by providing mentoring, consulting and developing digital strategies.



Hemi Hossain, is the man who has built an entire domain as a Business Coach and Digital Entrepreneur. Hemi is an international speaker, author, investor and winner of Best Business Award in Melbourne, 2018 and featured in many national and international media around the globe.

The journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur and coach was tough for Hemi since the decision to leave the comfortable life of an executive originated from a couple of painful personal events. Hemi has the profundity to treat these experiences as inspiration to do better for others and himself.

Hemi is a certified Human Behaviour Consultant and Hypnosis coach and Neuro-Linguistics Programming (NLP) practitioner. His work as an entrepreneur and philanthropist has received both national and international coverage in print and television media.

Hemi is the Managing Director of a successful digital marketing company with a strong interest in advertising, media, tech and different projects all around the globe. As an internationally acclaimed speaker, who has spoken at some of the most exclusive venues.

Hemi has inspired the lives of over 1 million in 4 different countries, from over 100 industries on and offline through his mentoring and coaching. Hemi Hossain believes in cumulative success and gauges his own achievement by seeing the success of the people he coached and society.

Global Mentor, Investor, Digital Entrepreneur, Author,
Best Business Awardee by Small Business Award in Victoria, 2018.
Young Entrepreneur of the year, 2017, Bangladesh


We have a team of experts who works tirelessly in two countries, Australia and Bangladesh. The team is the core support system to Grow With Hemi. It is also dedicated to helping individuals who join any institutions in Grow With Hemi. Our team of experts have robust knowledge and experience in their respective fields. The team includes:

  • Technical Team: Consisting of Technical Lead, Web Developers, Digital Marketers, and SEO Experts.
  • Creative Team: Content Manager, Graphic Designers and, Video and Photographers who specialise in making videos that target branding.
  • Team of Strategists: Focus is on various ways to promote and uplift your business in the field of Digital Marketing and Digital Entreprenuering. We develop both short-term and long-term strategies for the sustenance of your business.
  • Business Development Team: They works together with the team of strategists to ensure that your business is implemented as foreseen by them to get the maximum traffic.
  • Mentoring and Training Team: Works closely with you to make your business a success by mentoring you on the techniques of Digital Marketing. Our team also helps you to develop the right attitude in conducting business to become a successful Digital Entrepreneurs and Digital Marketing professional.
  • Customer Support Team: Works tirelessly to provide assistance to our customers and individuals enrolled in any institutions under Grow With Hemi.


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We Are More Than Just A Team

Grow With Hemi started with one man’s vision to create something extraordinary to help individuals and small businesses to achieve their dreams. From that single vision, Grow With Hemi Coaching and Consulting has prospered into changing the lives of many individuals, both professionally and personally. In the last decade, we have established a thriving community of business minded individuals and entrepreneurs.

Our team is dedicated to providing support to all the students, professionals, and entrepreneurs to attain their success. We work collaboratively to ensure every single person associated with us achieves his or her true potential.


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Our Industry

We have worked with the following industries around the world providing digital strategy and training to build their online presence

Property Development Enterprises

Financial Planning Enterprises



Lead Generation

We helped many with their businesses through our lead generating magnet through Social Media.

Coaching Dentist Retail

Training and Digital Strategy Development

We worked with the following industries around the world and developed their digital Property Development.

Financial Planner RMG Banking


  1. Work as a partner
  2. Ensure that the planning and strategy works
  3. Give you all the support you need to become a Digital Entrepreneur
  4. Conduct 1-on-1 mentoring
  5. Believe in you and our community


  1. Leave you alone
  2. Give you false ideas and hopes
  3. Let it do it your way
  4. Work as individuals
  5. Work for money and fame only

Why Work with Hemi?

You will never go broken from investing in yourself

1. Digital Entrepreneurship Program  is catered for individuals who are starting out in their career within the digital marketing realm. This program is your crash course to SEO, AdWords Campaigns and much more.

2. Digital Strategy, Execution and Marketing is a personalised service for your company to help grow your digital footprint in the digital world.

3. Business Consulting and Mentoring is a year long partnership with GWH. As the client will get access to several personalised growth and leadership workshops plus monthly catch-ups with the team to discuss progress and any arising issues.

4. Learning and Development Strategy and Execution is an extensive personalised that allows for GWH Coaching and Consulting’s leadership team to train not only you but also your staff and help understand the company’s organisational vision.

Get straight to the full experience

If you are ready and committed to making the change, you think you deserve then purchase the full course straight away. We assure you Grow With Hemi will ensure that you have the time for the course before you commit fully.

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