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Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourselfGeorge Bernard Shaw.

Growing up in Bangladesh was not one of financial abundance or freedom. I lived in poverty. After making a decision to support my family at age 19, I mustered up $600 from a family friend, and with no job and no English, I moved to Australia. Over the years I failed many times. Building resilience I moved job to job, until eventually scaling my way up the ranks to working for one of Australia’s leading telco companies. Exhausted and unfulfilled I did what every other person SHOULD DO. I Fired my Boss. This was the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey, and seven years later, I’m honored to say that I’m the author of the #1 International best selling book ‘Fire Your Boss’.

Hemi Hossain, an acclaimed Author, Digital Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Investor, Business Coach and Strategist has a story deemed in resilience, perseverance and self-assurance that there was more out there to be discovered. Being one of the most courageous individuals you may ever meet, Hemi has dedicated his life to coaching others in order to surface their true potential and make a positive, global impact of change and community. Turning pain into leverage has become Hemi’s superpower, and has been the catalyst to his success. Are you ready to find yours?

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Private Business Coaching & Mentoring - 12 Months

Personalized business coaching and mentoring for 12 months to develop a game plan & strategy to grow and scale your current business. Whether your business has just hit the ground running or you’re a seasoned pro, Hemi will help your business grow.

Fire Your Boss Accelerator

A 12 month program that guides you through developing, starting and growing your own online business with personalised business coaching, mentoring and strategy sessions with my Master Coach to help build your game plan and strategy to becoming a successful digital entrepreneur.


After reaching a plateau in her business, struggling to attract quality leads into her business, Tanya didn’t know what to do. By tweaking her strategy, we were able to help Tanya grow and scale her business which has now become self sustainable and allowing Tanya to spend more time with her family and doing things that bring her happiness and joy.

Have you ever wanted to

We’ve all had challenging times, and 2020 has been one of the most challenging times for all of us, right?

These last few months have forced us all to change. The way we work. The way we live. The way we spend. The way we socialize. It’s certainly given us the time to think about what we actually want for our lives. Have you noticed yourself thinking…

Is this really the career for me? Am I even feeling fulfilled right now? I don’t know what makes me happy anymore… What did I used to feel passionate about? Ugh, I am feeling so unfocussed at work, I wish I could just do things that make me happy. What’s my purpose here? I feel so disconnected to others… Working for someone else is literally the worst… I wish I could do my own thing.

I HEAR YOU. I used to feel this way too. Until I made the craziest decision I could think of. Firing my boss. Turns out it was the best decision I ever made. Now I get to make my own decisions, create a community of people around me who think the same way I do…. I now feel a sense of purpose and fulfillment – I create change and help others succeed. I am passionate about helping others succeed and creating a positive and measurable change in society.

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