Top 100 Digital Entrepreneurs in Australia

Top 100 Digital Entrepreneurs in Australia | You Should Know Them

Staying in Australia for many years, working with lots of people, I continuously observed business people’s lifestyle, business mind, and growth. I knew many of them who are now successful and rocking their business digitally. 

According to a study, there are 64% of business in Australia that runs digitally. The rest of 46% are still running their business traditionally. But it’s high time to transform their business strategy.

Every entrepreneur has a unique story about why they wanted to start their own company. Some people have always decided to work for themselves, while others get ideas while working for someone else and plan to start their own company. They have success, they have ups and downs, but they made their own identity to explore. Most entrepreneurs are now rocking their story, and you will find how strategically they built their lifestyle, success stories. 

Here, I’m going to introduce the top 100 Digital Entrepreneurs in Australia, many of them are known to you, but some of them can be your recent favorite. So let’s know about them and their success story based on a successful digital business. 

List of 100 Successful People Who Are Pioneer Of Digital Entrepreneurship in Australia 


1. Nick Molnar 
(CEO of Afterpay)

Nick Molnar

Nick Molnar is Australia’s youngest self-made billionaire. The young entrepreneur shot to fame and fortune as the co-founder and co-CEO of Afterpay, a deferred payments platform that allows users to stagger the cost of their purchases over regular, interest-free installments. In 2016, listing on the Australian stock exchange with $123 million capitalizations.

2. Melanie Perkins
(CEO of  Canva)

Melanie Perkins

 Melanie Perkins is CEO and Co-founder of the billion-dollar Australian Tech startup named Canva.  Canva was valued at $8.6 billion in 2020, making her one of the most successful female entrepreneurs in Australia and one of the most successful Australian entrepreneurs.  

3. Ruslan Kogan
(CEO of

Ruslan Kogan
Ruslan Kogan is a serial entrepreneur, founder, and CEO of and several other eCommerce-related companies in Australia. He was Australia’s richest person under the age of 30.

4. Fung Lam
(CEO of New Aim Pty Ltd

Fung Lam

Fung Lum is an Executive Director & Co-Founder at New Aim Pty Ltd. In 2005 I co-founded New Aim Pty Ltd with little capital and no external funding and grew it into a highly successful importer and online department store with an annual turnover of AUD over $400 million. Compound Annual Growth Rate over 40% past 10 years.

5. Larry Diamond
(CEO of Zip Co Limited)

Larry Diamond

Larry Diamond is the founder of ZipMoney, a company that provides shoppers with online credit facilities. He was previously a director at Diamond Capital Partners.


6. Gerry Harvey
(CEO of Harvey Norman Holdings)

Gerry Harvey

Gerry Harvey is an Australian entrepreneur best known for being the executive chairman of Harvey Norman Holdings, a company that runs the Australian retail chain Harvey Norman. He co-founded it with Ian Norman in 1982.

7. Lorna Jane Clarkson
(CEO of Lorna Jane Active Living)

Lorna Jane Clarkson

Lorna Jane Clarkson is an Australian fashion designer, entrepreneur, and author. She is the creator of the Lorna Jane brand of activewear for women and the owner of a chain of retail outlets that market the clothes.

8. Harry Oskar Triguboff
(CEO of Meriton)

Harry Triguboff

Harry Oskar Triguboff AO is an Australian billionaire real estate developer and one of Australia’s richest people. He is the founder and managing director of Meriton and is known as “high-rise Harry”.

9. Rael Ross
(CEO of Butn)

Rael Ross

Rael is a Co-Founder and Joint-CEO of Butn. He has been an Executive Director of the Action Funding Group since 2014 and has been instrumental to the establishment of Butn. Rael has 15 years in financial services and technology, having been involved in various start-ups across multiple industries.

10. Sam Cawthorn
(CEO of Speakers Institute)

Sam Cawthorn

Sam Cawthorn is the CEO and Founder of Speakers Institute and Speakers Tribe. Author of 11 books, including 5 International Best Sellers, he is both the Young Australian Of The Year and the Edupreneur of the Year.

11.Dr Sean Parsons
(CEO of Ellume)

Sean Parsons

Sean is the Founder, CEO, and Managing Director of Ellume, a digital diagnostics company that develops, manufactures, and commercializes high-performance, connected products for health professionals and consumers.

He is also co-inventor of Ellume’s pioneering quantum dot detection system and is listed on eight international patents. Ellume was diagnosed as in demand in 2020 as its fluorescent nanoparticle technology for detecting viruses was successfully applied to COVID-19, garnering US$30 million (AUD$41 million) from the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) to scale up production.

12. Sabri Suby
(CEO of king kong)

Sabri Suby

Sabri Suby is a serial entrepreneur who runs Australia’s fastest-growing end-to-end digital marketing agency.

He is known as king kong’s Sabri Suby. King Kong is the fastest-growing digital media firm in Australia now, and it uses real ROI to calculate success.

13. Katie Page
(CEO of  Harvey Norman )

Katie Page

Katie page is an Australian business executive and the CEO of retailer Harvey Norman . In 2015, she was ranked fourth out of 50 on “50 most powerful women in business”. 

Katie is also an active backer of several professional sports. In 2004, Katie was the first woman to be elected to the board of the National Rugby League (NRL). Katie Page has been a constant supporter of women. She believes that through proper motivation and implementation of the resources, women can attain the world. She has started many organizations to help girls accomplish their dreams.

14. Catriona Wallace
(CEO of  Fifth Quadrant)

Catriona Wallace

Dr. Catriona Wallace is an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning entrepreneur. Catriona is also recognized as a leading blogger, lecturer, and adviser on Responsible Technologies, Ethics, and the Future of Employment around the world.

Dr. Wallace is the founder of Flamingo AI, a machine-learning corporation with offices in New York, and the CEO of an Ethical AI Advisory consultancy firm.

15. Greg Moshal
(CEO of Prospa)

Gregory Moshal

Greg is a Co-Founder of Prospa and has been an Executive Director of Prospa Advance Pty Ltd since 2011 and a Director of the Company since April 2018. Greg has been instrumental to the establishment of Prospa.In 2017 Greg was jointly awarded Fintech Leader of the Year by Fintech Australia and was jointly awarded the NSW Pearcey Tech Entrepreneur of the Year Special Recognition Award.

16. Chanel Steenkamp van Der Watt
(CEO of Digital Director at Digital Influencer Media pty ltd )

Chanel Steenkamp van Der Watt

Chanel Steenkamp is the digital director at Digital Influencer Media pty ltd. She is an Influencer, Self- Worth Empowerment Coach, Cancer Survivor, Mentor, Marketer Luxury Designer Brand owner, and a successful entrepreneur.

17. Lance Giles
(CEO of Youfoodz)

Lance Giles

2020 has ended with a bang for Youfoodz (ASX: YFZ) founder and CEO Lance Giles after the healthy prepared meals delivery group was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange earlier this month.

Around 59 per cent of Youfoodz’s sales are business-to-consumer (B2C), but the remaining 39 per cent is business-to-business (B2B) with more than 3,500 locations Australia-wide stocking its products including Coles, 7-11, Caltex and BP.

18. Maggie Beer
(CEO of maggiebeer)

Maggie Beer

Maggie Beer AM is an Australian cook, food author, restaurateur, and food manufacturer living in the Barossa Valley. Beer is one of the judges on The Great Australian Bake Off alongside Matt Moran and is also a regular guest on MasterChef Australia.

The Maggie Beer Foundation was established in 2014 to improve the food experiences for older Australians, particularly those living within aged care homes.

19. Kate Morris
(CEO of Adore beauty)

Kate Morris

Beauty advocate Kate Morris, the founder of, started Australia’s first beauty e-commerce site in 1999 from a garage in Melbourne at the age of 21. In 2017 Kate was the first woman to be awarded the Industry Recognition Award for online retail in the 9-year history of the StarTrack ORIAs. In May 2015, Adore Beauty announced an investment from retail giant Woolworths Limited.

Kate was awarded the Business Innovation Award for Victoria at the Telstra Business Women’s Awards in 2014, and was inducted into the Australian Businesswomen’s Network Hall of Fame in 2015.

20. Adam Griffith
(CEO of Luminary)

Adam Griffiths

 A trusted digital marketing advisor, he guides clients through the minefield of options with one foot firmly in their world of business. Adam has advised many of Australia’s leading brands on their digital strategies helping to transform their businesses through digital.

Luminary is a digital marketing agency founded in 1999. Their team of 60+ employees focuses on UX/UI design, web design, and web development. They are headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, and have offices in Sydney and Brisbane.

21. Tammy Hembrow
(CEO of Saski Collection)

Tammy Hembrow CEO of Saski Collection

Hembrow is one of Australia’s most beloved social media stars with a following of 11.8 million on Instagram alone, And she is an Australian digital entrepreneur. Her business company is named Saski Collection and TammyFit.

22. Chris Anastasi & Nathaniel Anthony
(CEO of Muscle Nation Clothing & Supplements)

Chris Anastasi

Muscle Nation is flexing at retail with a sizeable Instagram following that bulks up interest in its gym wear and protein supplements, resulting in a ‘doubling of the data’ year-on-year for its latest Black Friday Sale in November. The brand alignment of these two very different products in the fitness space show a keen eye for the opportunity from co-founders Nathaniel Anthony and Chris Anastasi, who were able to overcome the logistical challenges of COVID-19 this year, hiring rather than firing.

23. Kayla Itsines
(CEO of Sweat )

Kayla Itsines (CEO of Sweat)

Kayla Itsines is an Australian personal trainer, author, and entrepreneur with Greek heritage. She’s the author of the Bikini Body Guides fitness ebook collection and the Sweat with Kayla meal-planning and exercise app. You will get wonder that Sweat with Kayla made more money than any other fitness app in 2016.

The Sweat with Kayla app launched in 2015 with my BBG program. Within a year of release, it reached #1 in the App Store in more than 142 countries. In 2015, she embarked on a world tour, the “Kayla Itsines Bootcamp World Tour,” leading free group fitness classes. The tour included Australia’s capital cities, New York City, Los Angeles, and London. Kayla Itsines is an excellent example of how you can use Apps to launch your business and potentially earn millions.

24. Prabin Gautam
(CEO of VIS® – 𝐘𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐓𝐫𝐮𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐝 𝐁𝐮𝐬𝐢𝐧𝐞𝐬𝐬 𝐆𝐫𝐨𝐰𝐭𝐡 𝐏𝐚𝐫𝐭𝐧𝐞𝐫)

Prabin Gautam

Prabin is recognized as one of Australia’s most innovative and successful Digital Entrepreneurs. Winner of G20YEA and The EAIC’s Young Entrepreneur of the year, he helps companies grow their business through more quality leads, more sales, more opportunities by 20-30% in 90 days.

25. Lisa Messenger
(CEO of Collective Hub)

Lisa Messenger (CEO of Collective Hub

Lisa Messenger is an Australian entrepreneur and author. She is the owner and creative director of marketing for The Messenger Group, a book publishing company. As well as the founder and Editor in Chief of Collective Hub.

26. Joe Cross
(CEO of Reboot With Joe)

Joe Cross

Joe Cross is the founder and chief executive of health and lifestyle brand Reboot with Joe. The creator of the Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead documentary, Cross is also the author of four books about juice and has invested in companies across the technology, transport, construction, media, finance, and healthcare industries.

27. Samantha Wills
(CEO of Samantha Wills Foundation)

Samantha Wills

Samantha Wills has been in the spotlight as one of Australia’s most dynamic speakers and creative personalities since launching her self-titled jewelry brand at Australian Fashion Week in 2004, at just 21 years of age.

28. Daniel Flynn
(CEO of Thankyou Group

Daniel Flynn

Daniel Flynn is the co-founder and managing director of the social enterprise Thankyou. He is one of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs under the age of 30 and winner of the 2014 Victorian Young Australian of the Year.

29. Kate Kendall
(CEO of CloudPeeps)

Kate Kendall (CEO of CloudPeeps

Kate Kendall is a British-Australian indie entrepreneur, community builder, writer, and advisor. She’s the founding director of Indie Labs: a startup advisory studio and product firm that includes Atto.VC, The Fetch, and IndieConf. She also founded CloudPeeps: a trusted freelance marketplace platform, raising $1M USD from top-tier investors.

30. Micky Ahuja
(CEO of MA Services Group)

Micky Ahuja

 Micky Ahuja is the Founder and Managing Leader of the MA Services Group and reports to the Executive Board.Ahuja has been performing well internationally too, setting up shop in New Zealand with clients including Mirvac and Chemist Warehouse.

31. Jules Lund
(CEO of Tribe)

Jules Lund

Jules Lund is best known in Australia as a television and radio presenter, but he is also the founder of Tribe, an organization that links brands with social media influencers. Lund’s Instagram followers get a peek into the ever-changing days of a startup founder, along with family pictures and red carpet appearances.

32. Jackson Meyer
(CEO of Verus Global)

Jackson Meyer

Jackson Meyer is the founder and group CEO of freight forwarding startup Verus Global. In 2019, Verus Global was the startup winner at the Australian Young Entrepreneur Awards and the professional services winner at the Melbourne Young Entrepreneur Awards.

33. Andy Taylor
(CEO of Douugh)

Andy Taylor

Andy Taylor is a  serial technology entrepreneur and passionate about disruption through platform innovation, Andy gets results by breaking conventional boundaries and coming up with innovative solutions that solve real problems through software. In 2015, Andy was nominated for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award.

34. Josh Fegan
(CEO of Althea)

Josh Fegan (CEO of Althea

Joshua is the founder of Althea Group and has extensive experience in business building, sales and marketing. Joshua founded Althea Health and Wellbeing in 2016, coinciding with the ND Amendment Act registration, an Act to amend the ND Act, legalizing medicinal cannabis.

35. Emma Isaacs
(CEO of  Business Chicks)

Emma Isaacs

Emma Isaacs is an Australian entrepreneur. She is the owner and Global CEO of Business Chicks, Australia’s business women’s community.

36. Ben Doolan
(CEO of  five point four)

Ben Doolan

Ben Doolan is passionate and fitness and nutrition so it’s no surprise that both feature prominently on his Instagram account. Doolan is the founder of FivePointFour, a business that provides healthy meals to more than 15,000 customers.

37. Chris Baptista
(CEO of Homes By CMA)

Chris Baptista

 Before 2020, Chris Baptista could have easily felt he was going against the grain with a debt-free business model, eschewing the high leveraging of other builders and perhaps missing out on fantastic growth opportunities.

But Baptista, whose first home building company Homes by CMA is one of the largest of its kind in Queensland, espouses a philosophy of “bulletproof financial stability” that allowed him to gain market share during the pandemic.

38. Jodie Fox
(CEO of Shoes of Prey)

Jodie Fox

-Jodie Fox is an author and a successful entrepreneur. Jodie Fox was a co-founder and the creative director of Shoes of Prey. A banking and finance lawyer by trade and a dedicated creative, Fox created a perfect nexus of the corporate and creative worlds when she co-founded Shoes of Prey. Jodie is a judge at the World Retail Awards (2016, 2017, 2018) lectures at the Stanford Graduate School.

39. Dan Norris
(CEO of WPCurve)

Dan Norris

Dan Norris is the co-founder of WPCurve, Black Hops Brewing and Starters, and Makers, a four-day retreat for online businesses. Norris uses his Instagram account to keep his followers up to date with his businesses and to share advice and tips with other founders.

40. Cliff Obrecht
(CEO of Canva)

Cliff Obrecht

 Cliff Obrecht is the co-founder and COO at Canva, one of Australia’s fastest-growing tech startups. Cliff juggled relief teaching at a local high school in Perth while building the company into the largest school yearbook company in Australia and expanding it internationally.

41. Cameron Adams
(CEO of  Canva)

Cameron Adams

 Cameron Adams is a co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Canva, an online design platform with over 20 million users (and one of Australia’s most exciting startups). He leads the design and product teams there and focuses on future product directions and innovative experiences.

42. Melvyn Myers & Bradley Filliponi
(CEO of

Mel (Melvyn) Myers

With more than 15 years of experience as a professional real estate photographer, Brad has a deep understanding of what it takes to showcase a home in its best light. And Mel brings a wealth of technology experience and vision to and is responsible for the evolution of the online platform. is a high-volume, low margin business and is driven by a technology stack that is highly automated. The direct benefit to customers is a combination of high-quality work, low prices, and fast turnaround time.

43. Catriona Wallace
(CEO of Flamingo Ai) 

Catriona Wallace

Dr. Catriona Wallace is an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning entrepreneur. Catriona is also recognized as a leading blogger, lecturer, and adviser on Responsible Technologies, Ethics, and the Future of Employment around the world.

Dr. Wallace is the founder of Flamingo AI, a machine-learning corporation with offices in New York, and the CEO of an Ethical AI Advisory consultancy firm.

44. Christopher Duncan
(CEO of

Christopher M Duncan

Christopher Duncan is a famous Entrepreneur from Melbourne, and he has three multi-million dollar companies.  he was on the brink of burnout. He stressed that he closed that business intending to create a “freedom business” he did this building and education company to $4.5M working part-time until on the 3rd of March 2016.


45. Aaron Sansoni
(CEO of

Aaron Sansoni

Aaron Sansoni is a Best Selling Author, International Speaker, Investor And Previous Nominee For Australian Of The Year & Entrepreneur Of The Year.He is an internationally acclaimed speaker who has spoken at some of the most exclusive venues around the world and shared the stage with business icons including billionaire Sir Richard Branson, Hollywood A-Lister Arnold Schwarzenegger & world-leading speakers like Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk, Tim Ferriss, and Dr. Eric Thomas.

46. Naomi Simson
(CEO of RedBalloon)

Naomi Simson

Naomi Simson started her vocation in the corporate advertising field and acquired involvement in IBM, KPMG, Apple Computer Australia, and Ansell Australia. In 2001, she established RedBalloon, an online encounter blessing retailer situated in Australia. She started the organization out of her home with a $25,000 individual venture and developed it to 46 representatives by 2011.

47. Sam Wood
(CEO of 28 by Sam Wood, The Woodshed)

Sam Wood

Sam Wood is one of Australia’s leading health & fitness experts with 20 years of experience in the fitness industry. Sam is currently the Health and Wellness expert on Channel 7’s Better Homes and Gardens. Wood’s online training and nutrition program, 28 by Sam Wood, saw significant growth this year as many tried to take care of themselves during the lockdown.

48. Jordan Grives
(CEO of SmartCompany)

Jordan Grives

Jordan Grives is the chief executive of the Fonebox Group, a telecommunications company that counts Officeworks, Volkswagen, and Holden among its clients. One of the entrepreneurs on SmartCompany’s Hot 30 Under 30 list this year, Grives has always been a self-starter. Grives has more than 2,600 followers on Instagram, and he recently used the platform to keep them updated on his efforts to raise tens of thousands of dollars for Vinnies CEO Sleepout.

49. Janine Allis
(CEO of Boost Juice)

Janine Allis

Janine Allis is the originator of Boost Juice Bars, which has many outlets in a bigger number of nations than some other juice bar on the planet. Janine is among Australia’s most regarded money managers, having been introduced through her business various homegrown and global honors in computerized promoting, retail, establishment, and business. Janine is a smash hit creator of The Accidental Entrepreneur. 

50. Dr. Reuben Sim
(CEO of Dental Boutique)

Dr Reuben Sim

 Dr. Reuben Sim is Co-Founder at Dental Boutique. Dental Boutique is the place to be if you’re one of Melbourne’s biggest celebrities or influencers. The clinic specializes in cosmetic dentistry procedures such as teeth whitening, Invisalign, and veneers, and its clients include The Bachelor Sam Wood and his wife Snezana, My Kitchen Rules stars Zana Pali, and Gianni Romano, and Kiss 101.1 host PJ.

51. Steven Goh
(CEO of Sanford Securities Ltd)

Steven Goh

Many entrepreneurs dream of receiving US venture funding. Steven Goh made it happen. His mobile software technology company MIG33 recently received $US10 million from top-tier US venture firms. Goh had previously been the founder of Australia’s first online stockbroker, Sanford Securities Ltd, which was listed on the ASX in 2000. Today he is focused on growing MIG33’s existing four million customers to over 100 million.

52. Gina Rinehart
(CEO of Hancock Prospecting)

Gina Rinehart

Georgina Hope “Gina” Rinehart (née Hancock, born 9 February 1954) is an Australian mining magnate and heiress. Rinehart is the Executive Chairman of Hancock Prospecting, a privately-owned mineral exploration and extraction company founded by her father, Lang Hancock.

53. Hemi Hossain
(CEO of  Grow With Hemi)

Hemi Hossain

Hemi Hossain is the man who has built an entire identity as a Business Coach and Digital Entrepreneur. Hemi is an international speaker, author, investor, and winner of the Best Business Award in Melbourne, 2018, and featured in many national and international media around the globe.

Hemi Hossain has other training institutes and businesses in Australia. Those are Digital Entrepreneur Hub Australia, Grow With Hemi. In 2020 Hemi became International Best Selling Author with his debut book Fire Your Boss: Transform from Employee to Digital Entrepreneur.

54. Kylie Lewis

Kylie Lewis

Kylie is a fairly young digital entrepreneur and a leading voice in content promotion and social media marketing. Her small startup, Kin, which she launched in 2013, has grown into a large corporation. She is the company’s Founder, Leadership Facilitator, and Coach.

55. Jo Horgan
(CEO of Cosmetic Cubed)

Jo Horgan

Jo Horgan has completely redefined the Australian beauty landscape, championing retail innovation and delivering the ultimate beauty experience to her customers. The EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2018 Australia Award winner founded Melbourne-based Mecca Brands in 1997 with the first Mecca Cosmetica store.

56. Yenda Lee
(CEO of Bing Lee)

Yenda Lee

 Running a family business with her son, Yenda Lee is successfully managing the company that her husband set up. 60 years in business and still running successfully, the Bing Lee electronics stores are highly popular in Australia. Her charitable contributions are highlighted by donations to the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute and the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation. She unwinds from business duties with her grandchildren. Inspiring, indeed! 

57. Sarina Russo
(CEO of Sarina Russo Group)

Sarina Russo CEO of Sarina Russo Group

 Sarina Russo is an entrepreneur with her roots in Australia but her business spreads out all over the world. The Sarina Russo Group has offices in countries like China, UK, India, and Vietnam with a current revenue holding of about $122 million. She came to Australia as a child in the 1950s and later worked in a string of jobs that taught her a lot about recruitment. 

58. Barb de Corti

Barb de Corti (CEO of ENJO

Barb de Corti is one of Australia’s most formidable businesswomen. Her business ENJO Australia turns over millions of dollars annually, but it hasn’t always been a squeaky clean ride.

59. Charlotte Vidor
(CEO of Toga Group)

Charlotte Vidor (CEO of Toga Group)

 Charlotte Vidor, along with husband Ervin, has grown hotel business Toga Group into a company that has stood strong for over 50 years. The property empire is also in the business of developing apartments and Vidor is a former board member of the NSW Tourism board.

60. Leslie Gillespie
(CEO of Bakers Delight)

Leslie Gillespie (CEO of Bakers Delight

 Lesley Gillespie OAM, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Joint CEO – Bakers Delight. Hard work and no fear of failure have led Lesley and Roger onto a highly successful international business through Bakers Delight which they founded in 1980.

61. James Gilmour
(CEO of Gilmour Space Technologies)

James Gilmour

James Gilmour is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer for GILMOUR SPACE. With 15 years business development experience, James is responsible for driving Gilmour’s stakeholder engagement with government, academia, defence and customers.

62. Christian Pacheco
(CEO of Virtual IT Group)

Christian Pacheco

Christian is Virtual IT Group’s Founder and Managing Director. His experience as an entrepreneur across multiple industries has shaped his expertise around designing IT systems that are tailored to individual business needs.

63. Paley Ho
(CEO of Unios)

Paley Ho

Paley Ho had the vision to build a nationally recognized lighting brand from Perth, entering an industry traditionally dominated by a handful of players and centralized on the east coast. As a co-founder of Unios, he lives and breathes the world of light in all its facets. From a young age, his extended family has been involved in the lighting industry in some form.

64. Adam Brimo
(CEO of OpenLearning, Mijura)

Adam Brimo

Adam is the Founder and CEO of and a Forbes 30 under 30 Asia in Consumer Technology 2017. In 2010-2011, Adam led the successful Vodafail consumer activist campaign, which resulted in nationwide media coverage, an ACMA inquiry and a $1bn network upgrade for Vodafone’s Australian business.

65. Brett Neil Saunders
(CEO of Hiflow, Surgical Biofix, Saunders Development Group, Savy Commercial)

Brett Neil Saunders

 Brett Neil Saunders, CEO, Managing Director, and Founder of HIFLOW Industries Pty Ltd and one of the Directors of Surgical Biofix, has been named “Top Entrepreneur of the Year” for 2019 by the International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP).

66. Brad Illich
(CEO of Newbook & Xtreme)

Brad Illich

Bradley Illich is the Director & Founder of Gold Coast Data Centre.  2016 – Winner of the Digital Entrepreneur – Gold Coast Young Entrepreneur award category. 2016 – Telstra Business Award – Finalist. 2016 – Featured at Australian Industry of Creative Design.

67. Jade Spooner 
(CEO of Equalution)

Jade Spooner 

From the offices of Google to working with scientific formulas for health, Jade Spooner, 27, co-founded Equalution with Amal Wakim, a company that uses science-based nutrition to achieve body-transformation goals through customised and sustainable macro-nutrient-based diet plans.

68. Brad Moran
(CEO of CitrusAd)

Brad Moran

Brad left his first company and founded CitrusAd in 2017 with Nick Paech. Brad is an incredibly resilient, visionary CEO with a strong talent for developing technology teams and commercialising software products on a global scale.


69. Mike Kellett
(CEO of Macro Mike)

Mike Kellett

Gold Coast entrepreneur Mike Kellett – of Macro Mike – launches community gym in Burleigh Heads. It’s been a wild year for Macro Mike. The brand almost tripled its business after moving into a new manufacturing location, launching its branded workout hub ‘Macro Gym’ and increasing its line of products.


70. Jonathan Moody
(CEO of  Physio Inq)

Jonathan Moody

Jonathan Moody is the founder and CEO of Physio Inq, an allied health care business he founded in 2006 providing a range of physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech pathology and exercise physiology services both in- clinic and via mobile practitioners, the latter specialising in disability and aged care.


71. Daniel Holden
(CEO of HoldenCAPITAL)

Daniel Holden

Daniel has a lengthy track record of delivering project finance solutions, he started Holden Capital in 2011 working with a handful of existing clients to source and structure finance for their projects, and through repeat and referral business built the broking firm to now be Queensland’s largest project finance group.


72. Rob Hango
(CEO of Shippit)

Rob Hango

 Rob Hango-Zada is the Co-Founder & Director of the fast-growing shipping platform and leads the business’ strategy and marketing efforts. He brings a common-sense & customer-centric approach to Australian retailing. 


73. Ammar Issa
(CEO of AMR Hair & Beauty)

Ammar Issa

 AMR Beauty launched in December 2006, when Mr Issa registered the company at the age of just 16. He soon realised a gap in the market for affordable hairdressing tools and pivoted the business to cater for this in 2010. His brand is now considered one of Australia’s largest beauty and hair product suppliers.

74. Justin Hales
(CEO of Camplify)

Justin Hales

Justin Hales is the founder and CEO of Camplify, a recreational vehicle (RV) hiring platform and a major player in the share economy industry. After dominating the Australian market, Justin and his team launched in the UK, seeing fantastic growth in the last twelve months.

75. Hannah Spilva

Hannah Spilva

 Co-founder and CEO With a vision to be the only company in Australia dedicated to making people’s day, we have established a cult following and a 5-star customer service rating across Google and Facebook.


76. Abdul Razak
(CEO of Maple Community Services)

Abdul Razak

Co-Director at Maple Community Services, an NDIS registered service provider based in Sydney. Maple services’ hundreds of people nationwide.


77. Nick Chapman
(CEO of Chapcon Design & Construct, Newstart Homes)

Nick Chapman

Nick Chapman is the Managing Director of both Newstart Homes and Chapcon Design & Construct.He started Chapcon in 2011, and quickly established himself in the Brisbane market as the go-to contractor for innovative solutions and budget-conscious decision making.


78. Tim Johnson
(CEO of Corbett & Claude, Comuna Cantina, Tetto Rooftop Bar, Mr Claude, Persona Coffee, Personality Wines, Knock Knock Gnocchi)

Tim Johnson

After turning the traditional hospitality model on its head by setting up multiple competing venues in the same Brisbane food precinct in 2019, this year Tim Johnson challenged yet another preconception – his own.


79. Kelly Weideman
(CEO of Evolt IOH)

Kelly Weideman

 Kelly Weideman is co-founder of Evolt IOH, EVOLT (IoH) The Internet of Health, is a technology driven health and wellness company that is powering connected and digital health. EVOLT delivers baselining and tracking to provide data that enables change. 


80. Edward Finn
(CEO of AF Legal Group)

Edward Finn

Edward is the Managing Director of AF Legal Pty Ltd, the holding company of Estate Lawyers and Australian Family Lawyers. He is responsible for the management, operation, and strategic direction of the company.


81. Tim Dawson

(CEO of Lauxes Grates)

Tim Dawson

Tim Dawson is an experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the Electrical & sanitary ware Manufacturing industry. Lauxes Grates are an elegant solution for water waste drainage. He is coming in different depths and widths with the standard grate or tile insert option, these grates.


82. Mark Lim
(CEO of Magnetic Alliance)

Mark Lim

 Mark is the CEO and founder of Magnetic Alliance. As a consultancy that acts as a “co-pilot” for businesses to help them solve complex problems, Mark Lim’s Magnetic Alliance had to navigate a safe runway landing when the pandemic began early this year.

83. Alexis Soulopoulos
(CEO of Mad Paws)

Alexis Soulopoulos

Alexis is the co-founder of MadPaws, Australia’s #1 pet services marketplace with 600,000 pet owners. Mad Paws has raised several rounds of Venture Capital funding and is the first start-up to partner with Qantas, who also invested in the business.


84. Simon Rawadi 
(CEO of Slyletica)

Simon Rawadi

 Simon Rawadi & Yetta Rawadi is the co-Founder and CEO of Slyletica, the leading agency for apparel manufacturing and brand development worldwide.

85. Marquis Pohla
(CEO of Metrix Consulting)

Marquis Pohla

Marquis Pohla has taken just two years to turn the business he started in his lounge room into a cutting-edge market research firm with 10 consultants. He currently chairs the Australian Market and Social Research Society’s WA branch and sits on the national board.


86. Harry Karefilakis
(CEO of Kare Group Australia, Socigo)

Harry Karefilakis

As 2020 Melbourne Young Entrepreneur of the Year and Founder and Managing Director of fast-growing electrical contractor Kare Group, Harry Karefilakis is an innovative businessman and industry leader, who leads with integrity, compassion and a commitment to his people and the culture of his business.


87. Brendan Parker
(CEO of Advanced Mining Production Systems and LiveMine)

Brendan Parker

Brendan Parker is the Commercial Director of LiveMine, and CEO of Advanced Mining Production Systems. As the Commercial Director for LiveMine, which is a tablet-based data management software, Brendan brings a wealth of experience and understanding of mining operations and data collection.


88. Layton Mills
( CEO of CannPal)

Layton Mills

 Layton Mills is the co-founder and managing director of CannPal Animal Therapeutics, a pharmaceutical-focused animal health company that is researching the therapeutic benefits of medical cannabis for companion animals.


89. John Di Natale
(CEO of Director of Equi Wealth)

John Di Natale

John Di Natale is a TEDx and international keynote speaker and a highly experienced speaker coach. He works in Australia and Overseas with a strong record in establishing cooperative working relationships with public authorities, joint venture partners, and internal and external stakeholders.


90. David Kellam
(CEO of Automate Your Business)

David Kellam

 David Kellam is a serial entrepreneur and business owner with a background in operational management and technology consulting. He has consulted with over 100 companies in a dozen industries, worked as a contract CIO, CTO and COO, and was CEO of his own 7-figure IT services company which he successfully sold in 2018.


91. Ryan Magdziarz
(CEO of Grow with Ryan Magic)

Ryan Magic

Ryan Magdziarz is an entrepreneur and growth fanatic who lives to speak and teach to audiences worldwide. He is an international best-selling author, has built a social influence of over 100,000 people, grew a 25-person company from scratch, donated over $100,000 to charity, attracted his soul-mate, and lives his dream life traveling the world doing what he loves.


92. Blake Garrett
(CEO of School Bytes)

Blake Garrett

Blake Garrett is the owner and co-founder of School Bytes. Blake Garrett oversees the strategic direction and technical development at School Bytes. Which is a comprehensive school management platform providing schools. His leadership and company strategy have led to the creation of a fully integrated software solution for Australian schools.


93. Genevieve Day
(CEO of Day Management)

Genevieve Day

Genevieve Day is the Founder & Director of Day Management, one of Australia’s first influencer talent agencies. Today, Day Management represents leading social influencers, TV stars, and media personalities, connecting talent with like-minded brands to bring innovative collaborations to life.


94. Louise Elia
(CEO of Eliya The Label)

Louise Elia

Louise Elia is the Founder and Creative Director of Eliya the Label. Her business has been featured in Business News Australia, Trailer Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar. Elle and the CEO Magazine, among others. She was recently awarded Melbourne Young Entrepreneur of the Year (Fashion).


95. Kahlee Andrews
(CEO of  Devote Digital)

Kahlee Andrews

Kahlee is Managing Director at Devote Digital and has seven years of experience working both client and agency side giving her a great understanding of the challenges faced by both parties. Kahlee specializes in innovative digital strategy and campaign development to grow businesses across a variety of industries.


96. Nova Jane
(CEO of Fitcover Group)

Nova Jane Ward

 Nova Jane is an Australian entrepreneur who launched a movement that brought together the beauty and fitness industries. Through her brainchild, Fitcover, she is bridging the gap between fitness and makeup through Fitcover products. Fitcover is available online worldwide.


97. Diana Williams
(CEO of Fernwood Fitness)

Diana Williams

Diana Williams has a gym only for females, and it’s in Bendigo, Victoria, and she also has a Health club. Thirty years later, her health club brand Fernwood Women’s Health Clubs has 70 clubs around Australia and 73,000 members.


98. Maxine Horne
(CEO of Vita group)

Maxine Horne

Maxine is the founder and CEO of the publicly listed Vita Group, which boasts over 1600 staff and an annual revenue in excess of $600 million. In a pioneering move, in 1995, Maxine established Fone Zone on the Gold Coast, one of Australia’s first mobile retailers. 


99. Maxwell Hertan
(CEO of Megaphone Marketing, Squeak Design, Silvi, Max’s Monthly Challenges)

Maxwell Hertan

Maxwell Hertan, the founder of digital marketing company Megaphone Marketing, has loved entrepreneurship since he was a kid. Hertan is proud his firm can deliver an 11.6-times return on ad spend – an impressive figure and likely the reason client retention rate at Megaphone is at 96 percent.


100. Carlos Ferri
(CEO of Zapala Corp, Zapala Go)

Carlos Ferri

Carlos is the founder and CEO of Zapala Go and in his own words, Carlos runs towards the fire. After leaving his home country and arriving in Australia with $3000 and two suitcases only 6 years ago, Carlos has taught himself English, built and sold a removals business, and is the founder and CEO of Zapala Go.



Still, there is a lot of successful people around in Australia. They are running their business with more revenue. Usually, they have lots of secret strategies that made them achieving today’s fame.

 Without digital business, you can’t sustain your company. So if you want to build the same success line that those top 100 Australian entrepreneurs made, you have to be smarter, strategize, and develop a growth business mindset.

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