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How To Be a Better Public Speaker? Follow This 13 Steps

“All the great speakers were bad speakers at first”

Well, did you ever observe that you are feeling super nervous whenever it’s your turn?

We all have the biggest fear about what I need to tell?  Will they laugh at me? Will they make any trolling or pock me every single time for my comment!

Some of us are actually shivering when people ask a question. But why we feel that “Talking is the worst thing ever?”

The difference between you and a public speaker is that they learn to overcome any situation and learn to speak from their hearts!

Do you know Chelsea Clinton, daughter of Hillary Clinton once earned $65,000 per speech?

It was just a ten-minute speech and Twenty minute Q&A session. Isn’t it a pinch of a shock for you?

Not only Chelsea Clinton, but there are also many more public speaker who overcame their shyness, nervousness and everything!

Public speaking is nothing but an art of vibrating a two-minute idea with a two-hour vocabulary.

Still many of you just keep aside from the public speaking and what a big mistake you continuously doing each day!

You are literally avoiding people to share your opinion, and you are skipping your ideas.

A good speech is like a pencil; it has to have a point. So when you share your opinion, it works either positively or negatively.

Why should you be a public speaker?

Your opinion sometimes matters a lot; you should communicate with people to build your network, your speaking way can turn you as a great leader.

My Journey As A Public Speaker        

how to be a better public speaker-By Hemi Hossain

Starting my journey as a Digital Entrepreneur, Coach in Melbourne was not so easy. I had lots of ups and downs, and the main problem was “Connect People With My Speaking.”

First, you need to be a good speaker and be able to turn yourself as a good mentor or coach. And I took this as my life goals. I start practising in front of the mirror, I begin to follow some great public speaker, and now, I’m capable of spreading my thoughts all over the world. But It takes time.

Here I’m going to share some essential tips for good public speaking, which will help you learn how you can be a better speaker? Why you need to become a great public speaker and improve your needs for public speaking.

Make A Habit to Read Book

“Reading a good book is like taking a journey”

Have you ever finished a journey without proper direction?

It couldn’t happen at all.

We can measure our time with a proper direction, measure how long we need to go, and our pinpoint zone where we want to see us.

Reading a book is absolutely work in the right direction. You will see that most successful public speakers used to read books that actually help them grow their habit & making them fundamentally good at sharpening their skill.

A public speaker should maintain some habit that can expand their lifetime skill, develop their mindset, and a book can help people reduce their anxiety, keep aside some sorrows and make you fill with deep thoughts.

Now you can ask what types of book are suitable for you?

Not necessarily a business person always read business-related books.

People choose any suitable things from their own perspective. A person can learn from a storybook, learn from any magazine, and learn from any case study books. It’s up to you!

So how can you build a habit of the reading book?

  • Make a list of book that you want to read.
  • Set reading times in a day or a week.
  • Read at least 10-15 pages in a day.

Storytelling Practices

Do you know a story can make more attachment than anything else?

Think from your side!

You and your best friend are the best storytellers together, isn’t it?

And isn’t it true when someone shares their story we always listened to them and blinking our eyes with curiosity?

Exactly what we feel when we engage ourself with lots of stories.

So try to make yourself the best storyteller.

Keep working with your best ideas, choose your own pattern of expressing any story, make them more natural and express with emotion and add a little bit of body language.

Don’t you familiar with Nasdaily?

I always amazed at their stories, and they are more natural in expressing their stories on social media.

Being a great storyteller is not so hard, you should focus on some basics that’s all you need to be a great storyteller.

Simplify Your Messages

Share a joke on your ten peoples group, how many of them will immediately get the point of those jokes?

May be 4-6 will get it! Rest of the people will think about it.

Public speakers role is worked similarly. Your message is so valuable to your audience.

Your communication should be clear to your audience; try to get their point, what they want to know and which things actually bother them to achieve anything they want!

So, make your audience more connected with you, say less, to the point and share something much simpler.

If you are a public speaker and always deliver your voice with the hardest word, longest point of view, something scribble, people will lose their interest.  They will never want to face you again.

Try to Understand Your Audience

Everyone has a story to tell or product to sell, understand your audience before opening your mouth.

Amazing things will happen when your audience is going to appreciate your work!

So basically you have to prepare yourself as you can read your audiences physiology.

You have to keep surprising your audience because your audience is the one who will judge everything.

Now, how you can sequentially simplify the steps of understanding your audience?

  • Know who they are
  • Understand what they want
  • What do they already know?
  • What are their fear, doubt & illusions?
  • Will your thought be useful to them?

Why is it important to understand your audience?

When you speak, you want someone to understand what you want to mean, responses from your listeners that they really appreciate it or need to repeat.

Stand somewhere and raise your voice to share some opinion can be easier when your audience accepts you.

So, you have to be someone who can able to build a bridge between you and your audience so strongly that they will suggest to others that “Hey! Do you know him? He is the best public speaker I have found from a set of speakers.”

Your Audience Get More Attachment Through “EYE CONTACT”

Speaking without eye contact is not so cool at all!

Sometimes it seems a bad manner to others, and exactly that can ruin your next opportunity.

According to a case study, I came to know that your body language and eye contact can convince more than 60%  during communication.

So far, a public speaker needs to learn how to make it successful with their communication skill.

A presentation to share your opinion with talking more and more, but you can also realise that your confidence can be shown in your eyes when you speak. So make it happen with your audience!

Never ever let your words come out of your mouth when your eyes are looking down.

Try to increase your confidence to talk to someone with perfect eye contact, and You can practice learning this must-have habit with someone close to yours.  Either you can try yourself in front of a mirror, As a public speaker’s first friend is a mirror!

Speak Not Fast Not Slowly

As a public speaker, your main job should be to make people love with your “Speaking.”

Now without having a point talking is a waste!

So you should make a balance when you talk in front of your audience.

Some people speak so fast, and as well some people talk super slow than a turtle.

But is it good to feel people interest when you talk?

If they never found a clear version of you why they will stick with your thinking?

So, focus on how people can understand when you talk, share your opinion, your thinking with words.

Never try to focus on ending any topic as fast as possible or making people bore with a lengthy description.

Moreover, a public speaker needs to improve their way of talking and pronunciation if they feel sometimes people struggle to understand any of the words they said!

Ask Question to your Audience

I always found that my close friend shared their problem with me for a better solution in my childhood.

I always prepared for this situation that they will share their problem with me first!

Why did I use to feel that?

Having six people in a group, they never shared those major or minor problems with others, just with me.

After a certain period, I realised that they actually talked to me because they found some comfort zone; my speaking always pushed them to improve their mindset & feelings, I asked them more to know what they felt for that?

In a few words, Maximum time they found a perfect solution from me, and they felt comfortable answering all those questions I asked.

Similarly, when you are a public speaker, your audience expects to know everything from you.

And it’s your uniqueness when you answer them all!

So it’s an effective thing of a public speaker to ask any question to your audience. It expresses that you valued your audience and their problems.

Shortlist Your Script With Key Point & End Point

Memorising your script might be so challenging most of the time.

So why you always waste your time making two-to-three pages script if you can’t present it all?

Usually, it takes time to be a better public speaker. And you have to learn some key activities to get more response.

Become a great public speaker is not one day’s game. You have to be more conscious about your speaking, attitude, public demand, what you need to share and not to share and many more.

Be a better public speaker with maintaining a good script, make them short, take some notes with a bullet point and most importantly note down where you should end your speech.

If you close your speech without any planning or better speech or the point your audience expect from you, nobody will give a heartwarming clap after your finishing.

Not each of audiences is fake!

Never give lots of effort on a lengthy script and memorise each of the words you wrote there. Just Make some bullet point, and analyse more about where should you need to close your speech.

How can you shortlist your script?

  • Make a plan for what you want to speak.
  • Try to realise what your audience wants to know.
  • Write down some key point and describe them with your thoughts.

Enjoy Your Session Don’t Be Nervous

Do you know you can proudly think yourself as a better public speaker if you really enjoy your session on stage?

Absolutely it works like a miracle when your audience see that you’re making this session full with informative and enjoyable.

Be someone who can spread better thoughts without making someone bored.

How a public speaker hit a successful session on stage and off stage?

With a smiling face, fun, proper body language, a person can be someone’s favourite public speaker.

People never influence by someone who speaks something with nervousness. They want to follow someone confident enough.

So how you can decrease your nervousness when you talk?

Don’t try to be perfect, act what you are, Focus on engaging your audience, make eye contact when you speak, practice out more and more.

Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously

We all have some specific fear zone, and the biggest fear is “negativity.” 

But when we start to give more importance about any negative thoughts, then it will make you more nervous, and when you’re nervous, you will lose your confidence. 

Don’t take yourself too seriously; be cool when you are talking with someone when working with lots of people.

We can understand that everything is not always prepared and will never.

Some people try to mock any public speaker to make them nervous. 

It’s natural. 

Not always, people are going to love you. Sometimes your haters are going to hit you by their words.

Be calm! Learn to handle any situation smartly. All of the great public speakers do this whenever they are facing any odd situation.

Weirdness is very normal; it varies from people to people.

Never make your confidence and work level down for any reason, remember that you are someone’s favourite public speaker.

Find A Point of Impact Your Speech

Why do you expect people would love your speech?

Do your words ever make an impact on their life?

If not, then you are not an audience-oriented public speaker.

Your speech should be like that- any person going to think about those after any session. That’s called “After effect.”

Your speech should be on a point to influence and motivate people positively.

If your speech can impact them, then you are a successful public speaker.

Show them the beneficial side of your topic, and a public speaker always turn people with a call to action.

Though it sounds like I’m taking as a salesperson but remember one thing “Call-to-action” means you are ready to do it right now!

So if your speech turns someone to do something right now, you’re the lucky one!

Record Your Own Public Speaking, Listen & Review It

Suppose you brought a perfume for you, don’t you start reviewing it from your own perspective?

Or you brought a brand new watch for regular use, all of us will judge the product after using for one hour, one day or ten days!

Why we always do this?

Because, no matter what we have done, what we will buy or sell, we always start judging or reviewing it from our side.

Recording your own speaking and review it after listening is one of the significant strategies for becoming a better speaker.

Why do you need to listen to your own speaking?

We all make mistakes, we all have some boundaries, but when we start talking, we already entered into another world and sometimes we don’t even observe what we already said in front of our audience!

But we should review our own work to improve ourself.

Maybe we need to improve the way we talk, and we need to observe our own voice, our own thoughts and what we have said for our audience.

So always keep a record of your own public speaking, listen to them and review those from your own point of view.

Final Verdict

Your personality will be the better version of you that makes your speech unique. Even if you don’t know the topic, you need to present just now, and you should be more confident and learn to convince your audience through your positivity.

On my blog, I already mentioned some essential tips for good public speaking. Your way of speaking is not the only thing that can make your identity as a better public speaker.

You should improve your personality, your voice, your presentation skill, your movement because the end of the day your audience will be the one who will judge you based on your “Public speaking reflection.”

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