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Hi! I'm Hemi Hossain…

Founder of Grow with Hemi, An international speaker, author, investor, and winner of the Best Business Award in Melbourne 2018, featured in National and International Publications around the globe.

I started my journey to becoming a Digital Entrepreneur and Coach more than 20 years. At age 19, and mustering up $600 from a family friend, I moved to Australia. No English. No job. No support. I even had to leave My family behind, and I had just 1 thing in mind. SURVIVAL.

After years and years of building a new life and working my own way through the ranks, I made another MASSIVE life decision. I FIRED MY BOSS and QUIT MY UNSATISFIED JOB.

In 2020 I became International Best Selling Author with my debut book ‘Fire Your Boss: Transform from Employee to Digital Entrepreneur.’ Now I’m a successful digital entrepreneur in Australia, a Business coach, and till now, I have transformed more than 10,000 people’s lives who become digital entrepreneurs in their preferable field, and they explore their business worldwide.

Begin Your New Life, Let Hemi Show You How!!!

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