7 Steps To Develop Your Mindset To Become A Magnet For Success

7 Steps To Develop Your Mindset To Become A Magnet For Success

You can change your mind but you might not be able to change your situation immediately—but you can impact your destiny by changing your actions and your mindset.

Many of us have goals, visions and ideas and areas of our life that we are trying to improve.

 One can never be successful with a fixed mindset. I have come across 7 steps to develop our mindset and become a magnet for success.

1. A New Habit

Do you want to attract success?

The first thing you adopt is a new habit.

Choose to meditate, exercise, read inspirational literature and plan the day accordingly.

These small steps lead to smarter, healthier, and productive lifestyles.

These habits form successful routines and committing to these routine improves mindset leading you to success.

The most important thing to discover is the journey to your own happiness.

You are the author of your autobiography, you write the story of your life, no one can write your financial story and no one can write your spiritual or emotional journey.

This is all up to you. Developing great habits is the smart way to get where you want. The power is within you.

2. A New Mindset

To be able to change your mindset it is important to know terms of mindset. Dr Dweck coined the terms fixed mindset and growth mindset to describe the underlying beliefs people have about learning and intelligence.

FIXED MINDSET — People who believe their success is based on their innate ability.

GROWTH MINDSET — People who believe their success is based on hard work, learning and training.

Your fixed beliefs will hold you back from making positive changes. Hence, it is essential to have a growth mindset/ winning mindset in order to push outside your comfort zone and persevere despite the obstacles.


  • Acknowledge your weaknesses
  • See obstacles as opportunities
  • Be open to constructive criticism
  • Learn from the mistakes of others
  • Reflect on your learning every day

Use the Power of Your Subconscious Mind

You must change any disempowering beliefs to make any positive changes. There are many smart things you can do to make things better for yourself. One of these things is to try NLP or Neurolinguistic Programming or self- hypnosis. Tools and techniques that help you will enter straight into the subconscious mind are very potent.

The two minds are the conscious and the subconscious.

The conscious mind contains wishes and desires and operates about 5% of the time. That means that 95% of our lives are from the programs, which have been downloaded into the subconscious mind.

Most of these programs are negative, disempowering, and self-sabotaging.

While our conscious minds are busy thinking during the day, our subconscious programming self-sabotages. We externalize our struggles because we don’t see that we’re sabotaging ourselves; we only recognize that life isn’t working.

3. Visualise Yourself As You Wish To Be

Visualization techniques have been used by successful people including entrepreneurs to visualize their desired outcomes for ages.

Elite athletes, great leaders, super-rich and peak performers in all field now use visualization techniques.

How to Visualise for Success

The first step to visualisation is to relax. Find a comfortable position and breathe deeply.

Now, imagine how you would like your life to be.

What work are you doing? How are you dressed? What type of income are you earning? How is your life outside of work?

See yourself happy and free. You can visualise leadership, entrepreneurship, success and achieve those in your reality. The key is to make the pictures in your mind as bright and as vivid as you possibly can and believe that you have achieved leadership and success. It doesn’t matter if your life isn’t like that yet.

You can imagine anything your heart desires. But to really succeed with visualisation, you must feel the same emotions that you would have if you had already had accomplished your goals. Yes, feel the feelings as if it’s already true for you.

If you are able to feel the feeling, the proximity of you achieving the success increases. Immerse yourself in these positive emotions. Experience exactly what you would experience if your dreams had come true. You will feel new feelings of joy, pride, success, wealth, confidence and happiness.

Develop Morning Rituals

The ongoing advantages to being an early-riser are plentiful.

Most people find that they are more productive in the early hours of the morning and can seemingly fit more into their day.

Essentially, it’s like the ultimate head-start. They’re proactive.

A number of studies have linked this trait, proactivity, with better job performance, greater career success, and higher wages.


Igniting the feeling of gratitude is often overlooked despite its power.

Cultivating an inner sense of thankfulness helps you to begin your day on the right foot, to spark a graciousness for all the good you already have in your life.

When you focus on good things in your life, you feel more empowered and this electric, positive energy travels with you throughout the day.

Being thankful reduces depression, anxiety and stress.

4. Writing Down Your Most Important Tasks

Don’t let this little, practical ritual fool you with its simplicity — it’s like pocket dynamite.

When you begin your day by identifying and writing down your most important tasks for the day — you set yourself up for success.

Write down one to three tasks that are essential for you to complete and get onto them early. These tasks support your long-term plans and dreams and will be the stepping stones toward your great success.

5. Listen to Uplifting Music

We all know that a great tune can change our mood.

Listening to inspiring and uplifting music can charge you up for the day ahead.

It energises you and pumps you full of happy feelings and cultivates a positive attitude.

There’s no better way to start your day than by singing and dancing, right?

Adam Sankowski from Harvard Medical Centre said, “Instead of listening to the music that matches your current mood try listening to the music that matches the mood that you want to be in.”

6. Be Open To Constructive Criticism

Constructive criticism is a wonderful way to learn about yourself.

But it’s different to just plain old criticism. The difference is that constructive criticism is about growing and finding ways to improve, criticism is often a personal complaint or offensive statement.

It’s important to learn how to take and deliver constructive criticism so that it’s understood as being well-intentioned and delivered in a positive way.

Often they are really trying to help you see a blind spot. Constructive criticism can be a powerful tool for personal improvement.

7. Cultivate the Goal-Setting Mindset

A 2015 study by Professor of Psychology Gail Matthews from the Dominican University of California showed when people wrote down their goals, they were 33% more successful in achieving them than those who formulated outcomes in their heads.

Set One Major Goal For The Year

Suppose your main goal for the next twelve months is to lay a foundation to begin your business.

Focus on all the tasks necessary to start the business and don’t think about anything else. Don’t worry about leads, selling or growing. Just start. These goals will come later.

Manage Your Monthly Goals To Achieve Your Yearly Goal.

You need to plan what you’ll need to accomplish every month to keep you on track.

Don’t plan too many things. Start with one or two things, but make sure you do them.

Don’t skip any of your monthly tasks just because they’re too complicated or you are procrastinating.

Just try to do the things well on time with great zeal and determination. This way, they will all be done and your monthly goals will roll over into your yearly goal.

Plan Your Week According To Your Goals

Keeping track of your monthly goals can be tough unless you know what you are doing each week.

Your brain cannot perform optimally when it feels burdened or pressured.

Make sure you are not over-loading yourself with work and are taking one day off a week to relax your mind.

By doing this, you will be able to take on next week’s tasks refreshed.

Plan Your Daily Activities

The first and most important step to take towards working more efficiently is to have a daily plan in place.

As you wake each morning, make a ‘to do’ list of things for the day. Check off the things you have done each time you complete them.

This keeps your mind prepared for the task so you won’t miss things that are important. You will feel much better and will stay on track to accomplish your work.

These are really simple steps to train your mind and attract success as a magnet.

Start making a new habit, a new mindset, train subconscious mind, visualize your success, make money rituals, cultivate money mindset and cultivate goal-setting mindset and that’s it. It doesn’t have to be complicated start making plans and start taking actions, fix your problem and most of all be patients because your time is coming.

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