Why Every Digital Entrepreneur Needs A Mentor

6 Reasons Why Every Digital Entrepreneur Needs A Mentor

“Every great achiever is inspired by a great mentor”

 A mentor is not someone who walks ahead of you to show you how they did it, a mentor walks alongside you to show you what you can do.

Proper guidance is like a small torch in a dark forest. It does not show everything at once but gives enough light for the next step to be safe.

One of the most significant values of mentors is the ability to see ahead of what others can’t see and to help them navigate the way to their destination.

Today, those who know me as a digital entrepreneur. The inspiration of many has worked behind my coming to this position.

Find a great mentor, someone who has already been through the many challenges of being an entrepreneur.

An ideal mentor can make you feel confident, inspired, focused, and as the world becomes a more digital place,  we cannot forget about the human connection.

And to become a digital entrepreneur, building a human connection is a must!

A business mentor empowers a person to see a possible future and help to make them believe he or she can do it!

So, if you have a small business or think to start a new business, you must need a mentor who will inspire you to develop your mindset and the incredible success story they have!

Importance of Having A Mentor

Encouragement is key to unlocking each of our entrepreneurial spirits. Entrepreneurs that are new to the business game often have a lot of questions, and the internet won’t always have the answer.

 So, how can someone find all those solutions?

A mentor can be your best option to find your solutions, and sometimes a mentor can help you to build a worthwhile human connection.

But in your primary phase, you just need to follow someone or need to take advice that will motivate you for your better future, that could benefit you to achieve a big portion of opportunity. 

So, Here and now I’m going to share 6 notable reasons why a future digital entrepreneur needs a business mentor? Why do you need online business mentorship if you want to run your business digitally!

A Good Mentor Acts ‘As A Compass’

In our middle school we all used compass to draw an appropriate circle, even though we know that finding a direction like which one is north, which one is south, east or west, compass is a live saviour.

Similarly, a Mentor works like a compass!

A right mentor is always ready to show you the right path, They show the right direction where you need to go, what you need to do, which one will be helpful for you.

And when you think about a business mentor, you must have a business mentor because business is not an easy game for everyone, and when you think about a digital business strategy, come on! It’s more difficult!

You need the proper  mentor who can teach you every step of which tools, software and business strategies you need to use.

Struggling For Support

The right mentor can provide advice and connections that help their mentee reach heights that would be impossible alone.

When looking for someone to connect with, it’s also important that your mentor be someone who you trust on an emotional level, who can help you when you feel overwhelmed, who can help you when you’re struggling or push you when you’re hanging back in order to help you stay accountable to your improvement. 

 Just because you’re struggling doesn’t mean you’re failing!

You just don’t have prime knowledge about which solution you need right now.

And in this situation, a mentor can be the major part who can act as your personal project manager.

Which types of support will you get if you have a business mentor?

A business mentor can give you better solutions whenever you need to.

Mentors are expert in their field, they have significant professional experience.

 If you’re struggling with your business what types of activities do you need to take to move or overcome this unwanted situation?

First, you need to choose someone who has professional experience in the business, who has the best way to approach any individual solutions, who can be able to offer the finest opportunities in business.

A mentor can see where we need to improve where we often cannot and find ways to stimulate our personal and professional growth.

Confidence and Encouragement

“Confidence in yourself is built through acts of everyday courage“

In both personal and business life, we should all be seeking to develop our skills, continually learn new things and challenge ourselves on a regular basis.

We will get the most valuable opportunities for professional development, allowing you to improve your individual work performance and boost your career.

The role of a mentor is to encourage the personal and professional development of a mentee through the sharing of knowledge, experience and their lifetime expertise.

Knowledge sharing is an incredible way to motivate people who need to grow their confidence and who need to change their life as a successful one!

In both personal and business life, we should all be seeking to develop our skills.

So, what are the benefits of mentoring for personal and business development?

  • Increased self-confidence
  • Higher self-awareness
  • Exposure to new ways of thinking
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • The lower level of anxiety
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Diversity in leadership
  • Personal network
  • Promotion
  • Business satisfaction

One of the best things a mentor can do is empower you with a newfound sense of confidence in your work.

A successful mentor, coach, leaders offer regular support and encouragement, helping you to maximize your potential.

Having a mentor can also help you to stay motivated and focused on your goals. Give you a reliable sense of strategies to build a successful life and entrepreneurship.

Mentors Can Help Improving Your Skills and Knowledge

To be successful in today’s digital business environment both small and large companies must need to learn the knowledge and need to gain more tricks to improve your skills either it’s from your personal life or others.

“Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen and a push into the right direction”

Knowledge sharing is an awe-inspiring part of the mentoring relationship, as a mentor can provide you with real-world knowledge on how to advance your career, based on their own professional experiences.

He or she can also help to identify gaps in your skillset and shove you to learn new skills.

For example, you may have always been terrified of public speaking in your business and shied away from challenging yourself in that area. 

Having a mentor’s encouragement can make you feel more motivated to develop your public speaking skills and achieve new personal goals in the process.

Online learning provides a convenient and powerful way to bridge those gaps in your skillset – ask your mentor what online courses or training they’ve completed to build up their knowledge. 

You’ll find thousands of mentors for professional development, but you have to choose the right one for your long run who will give you the right sight to find out the right path.

It may take years to find the skills to become a successful digital entrepreneur but time isn’t the main issue, the main thing that matters the most is your skill enough for moving forward?

Choosing The Right Mentor

“Someone is always ready to show the hope inside you”

Choosing a mentor is not necessarily a difficult task!

When looking for the right mentor to help with your personal and professional goals, consider these five criteria-

  • Values
  • Communication
  • Willingness
  • Expectation
  • Personality

You should look for someone whose experience and success is greater than your own, although they don’t necessarily need to be from the same industry. 

Someone from a different organization or sector can still provide valuable insight into areas of leadership and professional development.

People who have used strategy to get where they make great mentors, as they can share their experience and help you to build your own roadmap to success.

 You’ll be able to learn hands-on how they got to the role and position they’re in today.

As well as experience and plan of action, mentors should inspire you by their values and character traits. If empathy and honesty are essential to you in your career, align yourself with a mentor who understands the importance of these values.

 Look for people who are passionate about their work and love what they do. You should admire your mentor’s life and work, as they exemplify the skills and success you want to achieve yourself.

Getting The Most Out of  Mentoring

Getting The Most Out of  MentoringAt the beginning of a career, or at the start of a new business, you may find that you are unsure of how you need to pursue your dream. 

You have the end goal in mind, but the process of putting it into effect and finding direction can be a huge mountain to climb.

Although learning through experience on your own is important, getting guidance on how to pursue your goals intelligently can be very helpful.

Having a mentor who can help guide you through the stages of your career does make it a little bit easier.

So, how can you get more out of a mentor relationship?

  • Spend time with your mentor
  • Follow their passion
  • Articulate your goals and objective
  • Give your mentor feedback
  • Have your mentor observe you in action
  • Ask your mentor about their goals
  • Build your network
  • Receive valuable advice from them
  • Be honest with your mentor
  • Know exactly what you want to get out of the relationship

Final Verdict

Your business needs more attention. When I began entrepreneurship, I thought it would be easy, I thought that I have so much time on my hands and that life, in general, would be awesome.

That was not the case at all!

You can see a lot of successful people around us, people who have been able to achieve what they have desired by following their passion. And if you know about their struggles you will get to know that from day one they are following someone, they have a personal mentor and as these people have decided to do something unique and more convenient, they build a habit of digital entrepreneurship.

So far, you should think outside the box!

Choose a perfect mentor who can help you grow your mindset, help to develop your skill, give you the tips and strategies to build a successful life and career.

As a digital entrepreneur coach and mentor in Melbourne, I always focused on –

                          “ My Journey and Your journey”


So I’m sharing here some bonus tips if you already want to become a digital entrepreneur in this digital era where we’re moving towards a brand new industrial revolution.  

Know your driving force                          

Learn to be stubborn

Be persistent

See yourself as a winner

Take risks

Have courage

Seize opportunity

Invest in yourself

Don’t be just satisfied

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