How to Build a Conversion Focused Sales Funnel

How to Build a Conversion Focused Sales Funnel

If you are an entrepreneur, you probably know the importance of sales.

Without a sales strategy, all your effort can shink down within a day!

Ever you ask yourself having high-quality products, yet why people don’t buy those? Why people never show their interest in your business?

Do you remember the most common science experiment in your school?

It was the distillation of water.

There was a little glass funnel with a long pipe at the end of other glass pot. We used to folded a filter paper and poured dirty water into it and then we collected the much clear water on another glass jars.

This experiment always touches me when I think about how sales funnel work for a business!

The dirty water act like all the leads that contact your business

The filter paper act like the CRM platform that you choose

The clean water act like the qualified prospects ready to purchase from you

Maybe you’re now excited to know how you should create a sales funnel? How a high converting sales funnel works for your business!

It’s essential to learn the tips and tricks why your business needs a conversion funnel if you need to drive your business more organised.

High Converting Sales Funnel Building Strategy

Many of you can think that you are already using the sales funnel, but not getting the favourable response from people. Why?

That means you’re even now in an appropriate direction to building your sales funnel.

Maybe you know how to build a funnel, but you don’t have sufficient knowledge of building a conversion-focused sales funnel that can blast your business with success.

So, here I’m sharing some secret marketing strategy that will boost your marketing knowledge on conversion funnel marketing, funnel building and will take you to move forward to becoming a digital entrepreneur.

What Does Conversion Funnel Means?

A funnel is the set of steps a visitor needs to go through before reaching the conversion.

And a Conversion Funnel is a term that helps you to visualise and understand the flow through which a potential customer lands on your site and then takes a desired action.

Why sales funnel is essential For business?

Sales funnels allow companies to visualise each step that prospects take on the path to conversion.

Your business needs a funnel to maintain the steps of every sale.

So, why are the sales funnel essential for business?

– It helps you pick a sales strategy

– The sales funnel permits you know how to relate to your customers

– It enables you to generate more sales

– The sales funnel gives you an edge against other newcomer entrepreneurs

– It allows you to improve on the ways you can grow your business

Conversion Focused landing page Design.

If you want to catch more targeted leads, your landing page plays a vital role in that.

But the problem is, most of the landing pages failed to organise the procedure of sales.


Because most of us don’t even know the process of building a conversion-focused landing page.

When you go to a Halloween party what steps you follow primarily?

You are more concerned about the costume that you wear at the party.

So, it’s fun, right?

Similarly, When you think about digital business criteria and want to build a conversion-focused landing page, you have to follow some necessary but sufficient steps.

Those are-

Hire UI/UX Designer:  You have entered a new norm where design is everything. You have a remarkable ability to create an attachment and connection with people when you build some unique and highlighted design.

Now, how can you build a substantial design when you have no designing idea?

Don’t be late! It’s time to hire a UI/UX designer who can be your best asset to make trendy, highlighted, and most importantly he or she will build a conversion-focused and responsive landing page for your company.

Keep Video: Do you ever amazed why people use video for their landing page?

Whenever you want to share and visualise your message, product, or service, sometimes it works like dynamite!

So you should keep a video on your landing page to highlight your message, product, and service that you want to spread over the funnel.

Sales Copy:  Highlighting your message through a video is not enough!

You have to make a sales copy with welcoming content and product details to help people grab your product. Make sure you are sharing any sales copy worthy of capturing something from your landing page.

Right Button Placement, Color & Size: Additionally, when you complete steps like design, video, and sales copy or content, here is a big part waiting for you. What next?

Now you should concentrate on call-to-action button replacement whether it needs to use, check your landing page colour contrast, image size, and others.

Keep At Least 4 Step Funnel Following AIDA Model: AIDA model describes the four stages a consumer goes through before purchasing decisions.

Those are – Awareness stage, Consideration stage, Decision stage, Delight stage. Your content will attract the audience during these four steps and make a huge difference when representing your brand. So be always careful the moment you are making a landing page.

On the Awareness stage, you should focus on something that a person will ask themselves what it is?

On the Consideration stage, you should focus on something that a person will ask themselves I like it.

On the Decision stage, you should focus on something that a person will crave for want it.

On the Delight stage, you should focus on something that a person will decide on getting it.

Focus On Collect Leads For Future Communication:

Your principal focus should be lead collection from this funnel.

So, always try to build a form contained with name, email, phone no can make a bunches of your leads’ data. And you will be able to do future communication from this process.

Email Automation

Email Automation For Sales Funnel

You have to send bulk email to your targeted list of people. So email automation is the most straightforward process for this. Just set email and trigger that email and you’ll see that people are getting those on time!

Nevertheless, after all those certainties, you should know more email automation tips for building a sales funnel. Those are-

  • Write a story focused email copy that attracts people.
  • Set email calendar for counting every track
  1. Write Story Focused Email Copy

How can we increase engagement through email automation?

Everyone loves to read or hear something more than formal. Something contains a story, and that makes the real difference when someone reads!

So, always try to write Story focused email copy like – “Hey Ron! I just find you are interested in my AI online course!”

       2. Set Email Calendar

If you’re not using an automated schedule and email calender in your business, you could be wasting a ton of time, energy and resources. One of the best things to automate a marketing funnel by setting an email calendar can change a view.

Reasons, why email marketing calendar is an essential part of building conversion, focused sales funnel-

  • Determination of themes and the goal of your business schedule
  • setting up of deadlines

SMS Automation

Sending an SMS to thousands of people can take more time, but you have to spread your important message to all.

Heres come SMS automation, that can spread your message within the shortest time and when you need to notify everyone hey I’m starting this, hey grab this now!

  1. Short SMS remainder

When you’re thinking of sending a message to everyone, you have to choose a short SMS reminder before your events or programs.

That will be more effective to them who is booked your events respectively and will attach people because everyone checks essential massages, but a long SMS can be tedious.

So keep it short and approach something with your highlighted keypoints.


You will find lots of sales funnel tools that fit your business, but I’ll recommend using GoHigh Level.

Gohighlevel is the first-ever all-in-one platform that will give you the tools, support and resources you need to succeed with your agency.

You will get those features from Gohighlevel that can be more considerate to build conversion-focused sales funnel for your business-

  • Website & landing page builder
  • Email marketing with tracking and analytics
  • Voice calls and SMS marketing
  • Project management
  • Booking management system
  • Marketing automation
  • Event management

 Setting Up Tracking Tools

Most of your work needs some tracks!

When you start a business, you track your every step very carefully because a wrong decision can ruin everything.

Similarly, when you’re building a sales funnel, it’s essential to set up analytics for tracking.

Through google analytics, Facebook Pixels & Many other tracking tools in today’s market can track users follow and users data.

Determine And Look For Your KPIs

“If You don’t measure it, you can’t improve it”

Your business success depends on how you pre-planned an idea for the next ten years.

You always have to count your success and failure to measure what you need to do next, what should be the solution to reach your goals. So be determined and look for your KPIs.

A conversion funnel can make business digital, and it helps to keep your all planning on the top of any risk.

KPIs include service call satisfaction, identification of page visited immediately before the call, an event that leads to the market and so on!

Final verdict

A functional sales funnel helps businesses speed up the sales process, create better relationships with leads and customers and provide a personalised approach to generating more leads.

Marketing is a considerable term to visualise your service to your customer so that they are ready to grab it.
Providing a service to thousands of people is not easy; forget about service providing, even spread your service is also burdensome.

A sales funnel quickly can organise your business sales and record from the very beginning, and every step can engage a customer with expected temptation.

So, if you are newborn to this funnel creation platform, it’s high time to build a conversion-focused funnel right now.

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