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13 Secret Power Of Social Media For Business

I’ve been running a million dollars business for 5 years through social media and the way I utilized those spaces and interacting with people across the world!

The power of social media is not just effective for business, but it affects changes even in politics and the economy.

You might be a big company, a little company, or an individual. 

Any of these can use social media platforms to show your customers that you aren’t a spy, that you can be trusted, that you know your stuff.

If you follow people you trust on social media platforms, it’s more likely that you will believe the news and information shared by them.

Social media is also a platform that companies and influencers use to show authenticity and transparency.

For example, the review system on Facebook pages helps people to evaluate the credibility of 

a company whether it’s a restaurant, bookstore, online retail store, media site, or any sort of business.

So, why should businesses use social media? How social media can help your business?

The benefits of using social media for business are taking a huge place to change the business era. However, With the great power of social media comes great responsibility. 

Here are some benefits of social media for business that will show you how social media helps business to make it big by wasting a minimum amount of time:

Social Media Increase Brand Awareness

We all know how important it is to measure your effort to see what’s working for you and what’s not.

Honestly, there are a variety of ways you can increase brand awareness through social media

and you have to be visual to everyone.

 People will stop scrolling to stare at something if it’s interesting. 

A good visual can make your content or product shareable. Encourage your audience to share your content.

According to a study, 80% of marketers use visual assets in social media marketing to improve their business. 70% of marketers say that their main goal for using social media is to increase brand awareness.

Healthy customer relationships are essential to growing your brand awareness and boosting sales. When you engage with your customers on social media, you create an opportunity for their network to learn about your brand.

If these responses are a good reflection of your company, they’ll help you build trust with your future customers.

Fan Follower Engagement & Community Building

Did you know your business can be benefited from a dedicated community?

Wondering where you should build your community? How can you build your community?  

Your online tribe helps people stay connected and remain interested in your blog, product, or company.

Here are 3 tips to help you create an engaged network of followers that will support your brand –

Know your audience even if it’s personal.

To create a strong social media community and engagement, good communication is a must. Your engagement with followers will differ from what you know, what types of unique service will they get from you, how you can impress your clients to engage them, and building a community for growing business. 

To build a strong and effective social media community, you need to listen to your audience.

People like to deal with businesses they trust.  No company is 100% perfect. And some forget that it pays to be open and honest.

At least try to listen to what your customer wants, what they want to share, listen to them carefully, let them make their comfort zone in your business.

Your concern to Provide them better service can build a better relationship with your audience. According to business policy, it’s proved that a visitor or a user from a social platform thinks 5 times when he or she wants to buy your product and taking your service.

But if you provide them your best service. What will be after that?

You will get a bunch of happy customers and those happy clients will come back to you again and again.

Drive More Traffic

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing”

Increasing your social media traffic happens when you engage and build relationships on each network.

If you’re looking to increase more traffic in your business or, you are always welcome to get it from Facebook traffic campaigns, and any other social platform like Instagram, Pinterest, or any business platform from where you can showcase your business values.

Each social network is different, but to get an immediate boost in your social traffic, there are some potential rules to follow for all your social channels.

Remember that your content says everything about your brand.

So make sure that you make every step of business that expresses everything to reach everyone.

There are lots of social media tools that help you to increase traffic within the shortest time.

 To know more about social media traffic you can read my other effective blog 37 Digital Marketing Tools You Need When Starting an Online Business, where I describe more about business traffic and that will help you to understand the process why businesses need to use social media to grow their business.

Generate Leads

When you hear the term lead generation, social media probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind…but maybe it should be.

Almost 68% of businesses are using social media to generate leads in 2020. Social channels are becoming essential to building relationships with prospects and customers throughout every stage of the customer lifecycle.

Companies employing lead generation strategies on social media can achieve better results throughout the funnel—building brand awareness and generating conversions, achieving better sales productivity, producing higher revenue growth, and creating a sense of community for advocates and followers.

And according to a recent study by LinkedIn Pulse, B2B buyers who feel a “high brand connection” are 60% more likely to consider, purchase, and even pay a premium than “low brand connection” competitors.

However, more than 50 percent of businesses say that generating leads and traffic to their site is their biggest marketing challenge. Lead generation doesn’t need to be difficult, but it is important to understand how to use social media to achieve that goal. Doing so will put you ahead of your competitors and help you grow your business.

Content Marketing Opportunity

Why content is so important in social media marketing?

Social media marketing is so functional for engagement, likes, shares, and publication. But putting the focus on sharing quality content can change a business policy

and make an effortless path to achieve something stunning.

when you are sharing about your product, your service, or content with full details it makes it easier for people to know about everything. So you can 

share those and build an opportunity in content marketing. 

So, hence you are getting lots of opportunities for your business through social media platforms.

5 types of social media content that generate big attention-

User-Generated Content

When you have a meal or go for a get-together with your friends or family members, what do you do?

Maybe you captured a photo or a video of you or their food and shared those mentioning their place, Right?

The whole process of reviewing a product of any company, a service of any company, even the place where you just checked in is user-generated content. 

Video Content

People learn most about a product or service by seeing it in action, New product or service introduction through video content can impress others.

suppose, you provide a promotional video for your product and share that on your Facebook, Instagram page. You are using it as a place to give viewers a sneak peek with simple, dynamic text or a selfie video,  vlogs, animated GIFs, live videos, customer testimonials, recorded presentations into what you shared and be sure to explicitly invite people to come. 

Live Streams

Influencer live streams, interviews, product demos, competition broadcasts, offline events: all of these broadcasted to a number of platforms can create superb visibility for your business.

“Ask me anything,” “A fireside chat,” “Q&A:” whatever you call it, this type of video stream needs only a clear concept of what you what to show to your audience. 

Infographic Content

suppose you are a small business owner or entrepreneur who wants to reach an audience and increase brand awareness.

 What you can do without promoting through an image, video, or live streaming?

You can present an info page where you will mention what you will get from us? why your service/ products are the best? and other information that can highlight your business to an audience and can get a positive entrance of customers in your business.  

Educational Content

People are constantly in search of explanations and solutions, and

this is where educational content shines.

So why you constantly search for any educational content online?

Because the information is authentic, easy to access within a few fingertips.

Suppose you choose a platform where you post about a healthy lifestyle, healthy foods, Why those foods are healthy?

In the meantime, you can notice that people happily respond to your post. They will ask for more. 

So, it can be more visual to everyone and you can feel now why social media is a powerful platform

Customer Feedback

These days businesses are investing more in perfecting the customer experience.

Collecting feedback allows you to know what your customers think about your brand, your service, and your product going beyond their simple likes and dislikes and helping you understand and evaluate where you can improve and where you stand among your competition. 

Because social media is all about interaction, some platforms include features designed to make certain interactions more entertaining. This is a fantastic way for you to start building relationships with customers. 

Sharing responses is easy for you and gratifying for them. Plus, it encourages people to interact. So, positive feedback can make a positive change in your business and a single bad review about your company can decrease business revenue by between 5 – 9%.

Go Viral

Social media is so powerful where you can be viral for a positive reason or a negative reason both.

It could bring a positive impact on your business and at the same time, it could be dangerous for you.

You should be concerned about positivity, right?

So, which things do you need to be concerned about going viral in your business?

  • Using the right platform – for example, if you’re sharing news the best platform would be Twitter, and if it’s a video or an image – it could be Facebook or Instagram.
  • Knowing your audience – consider whether the people that follow you on social media would be the right audience for your content. If not, you should probably consider putting some paid behind it.
  • Having a purpose – most viral social media campaigns are either entertaining or informative. So, choose a purpose that can express your business with an easy process.
  • Evoke emotion – one of the best ways to gain audience interest using social media campaigns is by evoking emotions that they can relate to.
  • Think about the timing – posting and sharing your content at the right time is key if you want to get those likes and shares.

Conduct A Competition Analysis

Social media helps your business to the analysis of your competition to find out what their strengths and weaknesses are and how those things are comparing your business with others.

A social media competitive analysis, specifically, will help you:

  • Identify who your competitors are on social media
  • Know which social platforms they’re on
  • Know how they’re using those platforms
  • Understand how well their social strategy is working
  • Benchmark your social results against the competition
  • Identify social threats to your business
  • Find gaps in your own social media strategy

Customer And Audience Engagement 

Engaging customers on social media is not an easy task. It takes time and applying the right strategy can engage more customers.

That strategy can be a deep understanding of your audience and commitment to be able to get your customers to interact with your brand.

Are you wondering how to engage customers through social media in an effective way?

No matter what kind of company you are,  software or restaurant, or e-commerce yoga clothes store — you can engage with customers by simply being human.

When you engage with your followers on social media you can turn them from fans into customers. 

Building relationships with your audience can lead to a higher number of sales, an increase in customer loyalty, and higher positive reviews.

So, you always should be  concerned about  who can be your social media audience, how to align tone of voice with target audiences, where your audience is talking about you,

how you can engage your customers swiftly and regularly, how customers respond to your campaigns and how you can make your content more accessible.  

Customer is always right, so try to learn about customer behavior.

You have to learn the customer’s behavior- how people buy, what they buy, what they expect from you when they buy, why they buy.

Their behaviors refer to an individual’s buying habits, including social trends, to influence them to decide to buy something. 

According to a business study, understanding customer’s behavior can help to target the audience and engage more.

Retargeting Ad

Imagine that a person finds your E-commerce site within a minute, decides to complete a purchase, becoming a lifelong customer.

Most marketers are wise enough to know that the chances of this happening on a massive scale are small. 

About 96% of the people that visit your page for the very first time are not ready to buy.

People need more than one interaction with a brand to feel benefited to become a customer. That’s where retargeting comes in.

Setting up social media retargeting campaigns requires minimal effort, but maximizing efficiency involves significant analysis and optimization.

Here are 4 strategies for creating high-effective social media campaigns-

  • Target specific customers based on people who visit your online store, specific page, haven’t visited a certain amount of time.
  • Send them Ad copy, images, call to action button, or any sale or discount reminder through social media
  • Use smart software to track and analyze retargeting efforts
  • The continuous improvement provides insight regarding how your audience responds to particular messages and allows you to make educated refinements to your ad creativity.

Customer Service and Customer Support

Social media customer service means using social channels to provide efficient and effective customer service and support.

As a brand, you’ve likely already worked on customer service in some form.

Social media may only be one channel for customer care, but since it’s so immediate and accessible, customers will be reaching out to you whether or not you have a plan in place. 

Get ahead of potential customer complaints and compliments by planning your social service approach.

Why is social customer service important?

Having customer service is always good. Building better relationships with your customers through social support can add up to huge wins when it comes to increasing customer lifetime value.

So how do you do it?

I’m sharing with you 7 best practice for social media customer service-

  • Pick the best social media platform for your business to engage other
  • Monitor social media mentions
  • Look for mentions that might change your business value
  • Speed matters in social support
  • Use the right tone of voice
  • Take things offline when necessary
  • Use your business knowledge base to make things easy

Crisis Communication

crisis-communication-through-social-mediaEffective social media crisis management starts long before any issue arises. 

So you should learn how to create a plan to minimize risk and what to do if it fails and how you need to react.

Social media news is spread within a few seconds and the effect of any bad news or misunderstanding on your business takes it longer. 

Johnson & Johnson is the best crisis communication examples that show us how to face challenges in an authentic way that mitigates the negative impact.

The crisis happened when seven people who had taken the company’s market-leading, an over-the-counter painkiller, Tylenol, died from poisoning due to bottle tampering.

That news was pathetic, heartbroken and obviously, the bad news takes so long that Johnson & Johnson immediately ran advertisements to alert consumers not to take their product. 

They stopped the production and ordered a national withdrawal. After six weeks, they designed the first, triple-lock tamper-resistant container.

What did they learn from their fault?

Through the immediate and transparent response to the crisis, Tylenol regained its market share. They focused on their customers instead of profit in the short-term, which brought them a long-term success.

Handling this situation is called crisis communication. 

Not only johnson & johnson there are lots of companies like Pepsi, KFC, American Red Cross faced this kind of issues before.

But they had that capability to solve and handle that situation and look at them!!!!

Their business is still running…..

So, nowadays social media takes a place to spread news whether it’s bad or good, and it’s also a platform from where you can handle the situation. 

Targeted Advertising

Social media advertising allows you to connect with the people who need your service or product and social platforms allow you to create specific target audiences.

So, Social media targeting is a must if you want to reach massive changes in your business.

Target advertising on social media offers insights into your customers

Reaching a new, regular, or targeted audience with a social platform is easy, you know!

Because social media is fun, easy, and a great way to be creative while offering a glimpse of your personal life and business activities but to do it well, you need to develop a strategy.

Social media targeted advertising is quickly becoming the new standard and it’s difficult not to see why since it offers many benefits for the advertiser, such as the ability to reach specific consumer targets.

When combined with all of the above benefits, social media advertising delivers the metric that matters most, a return on investment.

So, What are you waiting for? Start looking into what social media advertising can do for you and your business today.

Partner With Influencers

You’ve likely heard about the rise of digital influencers—everyday people who build loyal audiences on platforms such as Youtube, Instagram, and Snapchat. 

Even You guys are following a few yourself. Today, these micro-influencers play an important role in the distribution of information—even in the social impact space.

Your organization can build partnerships with these key influencers to raise awareness for your cause and serve your mission.

Many businesses and nonprofits have partnered with this new wave of influencers and digital leaders in creative ways.

So far you need to identify your social influencers, make a connection with them, invite them with great gratitude, plan a social media take-over for an event, host a social media influencer trip, and other effective ways to make a better partnership with them.

Social media has huge power to create a partnership with influencers. You’ve likely heard about the rise of digital influencers—everyday people who build loyal audiences on platforms such as Youtube, Instagram, and Snapchat. Odds are you even follow a few yourself.

Today, these micro-influencers play an important role in the distribution of information—even in the social impact space.

Your organization can build partnerships with these key influencers to raise awareness for your cause and serve your mission. 

Final Verdict

Technology and social media have brought power back to the people.  You don’t build a business, you build a relationship with people and then people build the business.

So, always try to make a good connection with your client, utilize social media platforms to build communication. Many businesses today live and die for the smartest business strategy. Business is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories, you tell to others.

Engage, enlighten, encourage, and especially……. make an easy way to reach people. Social media is a community effort, everyone is an asset.

Social media is a platform to listen, engage, and build perfect relationships. Drive a crazy business strategy with any social media platform, but make sure you are spreading positivity!

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